Marathon recovery and Crockpot Chicken Tacos

I have been feeling pretty good since Saturday. No lingering stiffness, no pain, no soreness at all. I just walked some on Monday and Tuesday and climbed the stairs at work. So, I figured I would go to CrossFit this morning! Cross-training and strength training aren’t running and, with my BQ training plan (!) set to kick off on May 13, I figured I should do some active recovery to keep my fitness level high. The WOD promised to be good: 12 minute AMRAP of: 5x overhead squats, 55#; 8x KB snatch, 15#; 10x AbMat sit-ups. I was totally down for that! Well, okay, I was a little lot freaked out about the overhead squats because I suck royally at those. But hey, I’ll never improve if I don’t work on them, right? Right.

So, I got down to the business of warming up and was reminded that I may have pulled a rib fascia or ligament or something last week. Hrm. :/ Well, I kept on – push-ups, squats, a few AbMat sit-ups….ow….no more AbMat sit-ups. Okay, I figured I would do some more squats and decided to grab the 35# bar. No problem with front squats and back squats and then I did a push press. OW! Okay, I might be stubborn and bull-headed (thanks, Dad!) but stupid I am definitely not. I reracked the bar and set off to do some stretching instead. And then I did about 20 minutes of non-aggressive rowing and stretched some more. No WOD for me. 😦 And probably not on Friday either. I see rowing and stretching in my future. My goal is to heal so I can hit it hard come May 13.


Yes, I have little motivational reminders written on yellow stickies stuck to my bathroom mirror. Sometimes, I need a visual reminder! (There’s that bull-headedness showing off again.) That one also applies to injuries. I’m not going to NOT take care of myself now and get in my way in the future. My goal is a BQ and I have a little bit of rest time before my training plan kicks off. Some smart decisions, active recovery, and low-impact cardio (thank you spin bike at home!) and I should be good as new in no time!

How do you deal with injuries and/or training setbacks?



Okay, I will admit it. I did not make these tacos.  Well, I mean, I did not physically put the ingredients into the crockpot. I grabbed an interesting taco seasoning packet, defrosted the chicken, and went to CrossFit.  Later, I thought up the recipe, picked up the phone and called Thing 1, and told her what to do. So, because she sliced the onions, chopped the green pepper, mixed seasoning with salsa, and put it in the crockpot, she gets credit for “making” dinner. And you know what?  That is just fine with me! Sometimes, dinner needs to be a group effort. 🙂

So, generally I make my own taco seasoning but I was cruising through the Winn-Dixie and this taco seasoning packet caught my eye.


I checked out the ingredients and didn’t see anything that scared me so I figured, “What the heck? ” And that’s how dinner was conceived! Wow, the birds and the bees discussion is so much easier when you’re talking about dinner!

So, what went into the crockpot?
1/2 onion, sliced (feel free to do more)
1/2 green pepper, chopped (for some reason, that was all I had)
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts with rib meat
2 cups salsa (pick your fire power)
Taco seasoning
1 teaspoon chopped garlic

Cook it on low for 9 months 8 hours-ish. Shred chicken. Place in corn tortillas (or whatever you prefer). Add your toppings. Gobble it up. Om nom nom!


– jennifer

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