Whine and/or Wine Wednesdays!


This girl did not want to get up this morning.  Not at all. (Mom, do I haaave to get up and go????)  My alarm went off and I considered throwing it across the room.  


But then, that would have freaked out the dogs and I would have had a big mess to clean up.  So, I didn’t.  I did, however, hit the snooze and debated with myself for a good 15 minutes about both the perks and ramifications of staying in bed.  Never argue with yourself at 4 o’clock in the morning.  Regardless of “who” wins, arguing means you’re not sleeping.  *sigh*  And then I remembered that Carla was going to nag me if she found out that I didn’t go and workout.  Sheesh!  BQ training week 1 hasn’t even started yet!  But, of course, I would have been disappointed with myself too and would have felt guilty eating those pretzel M&Ms I packed in my lunch.  (Om nom nom!) So, I got up and went to CrossFit.  And, of course, I’m glad I did. Darn voice of reason and endorphins and sense of accomplishment!  


The programmed WOD today was short but packed a bunch of stuff in – cleans, burpees, and double-unders (or singles, if you’re unskilled like me), oh my!  Because I’m still working on recovering my intercostal muscle, I planned to do the novice work-out for the low weight on the cleans.  It broke down like this:  5 rounds for time of 5 cleans at 65#, 8 burpees, and 20 singles.  I’ll tell you what, the cleans are the hardest part but the burpees really wear you down!  But, I knocked it out in under 9 minutes (Woot!) and was able to get some additional stretching in post-workout.  Stretching is good.



So, I’m changing it up a little bit and instead of bringing you a recipe, I’m bringing you a wine review.  It’s Wine Wednesday!  And wine, like stretching, is good. 🙂  Especially when it’s inexpensive.  Never say cheap when you’re talking about an inexpensive wine – cheap wine leads to connotations of drinking from bottles stuffed into brown paper bags and instant hangovers. *shudder*

So, you should be able to find this wine in your local grocery store unless you live in a state (like Maryland) that does not allow for the sale of such things in the grocery store and require you to make additional trips to additional thereby wasting gas and money on something to drink with dinner! *deep breath* Moving on.

Middle Sister wines are fun and delicious as well as quite reasonably priced! I grabbed a bottle of “rebel red” because, while I am not a middle sister, I AM a redhead and it spoke to me.


Perhaps I am something of a rebel, too.


What? Who, me?!

It poured all lovely and inky and dark and, when I gave it a swirl and crammed my nose in for a whiff, I was greeted with scents of berry and pepper and some spiciness. My first sip brought lovely fruit that lingered on my tongue with a small chaser of earthiness (or dryness for those who don’t speak wino). Quite a delicious wine for $10! (My grocery store had a $2 off coupon that I took advantage of.) Score!


I poured a glass to accompany homemeat meatball sandwiches but you could definitely serve this with grilled meats, pizza, burgers, roasts and stews. Or, you could always be a rebel and just pour yourself a glass and enjoy it on its own. 🙂

*the grape breakdown is as follows: 38% zinfandel, 34% merlot, 21% cabernet sauvignon, 5% syrah, 2% mixed varietals

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