Mosey on up to the bar – it’s Wine Wednesday!

Hello! Happy hump day! Hope everyone’s week is moving along quite nicely. Mine is now that Monday is over. 🙂


Yesterday, I got a nice spin bike and ab workout done. I had actually considered hitting the snooze and skipping it – pure laziness right there because I was thinking about it before I even went to bed! – but, one of my annoying sweet dogs needed to go out and she woke me up 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I think she knew I was going to be lazy and decided to keep me honest. 🙂


Crossfit this morning was ridiculous. Somebody was trying to be funny.


150 wall ball shots?! Ha. Ha. It originally said 14-minute AMRAP but not a single one of us finished a round in under 14 minutes. So, we just went until we finished a round and she erased the AMRAP requirement off the board. It was really tough! I finished in 14:18 and hope to never have to do another wall ball shot again. Haha! Who am I kidding? Bring ’em on! (Just not right now, please and thank you.) 🙂

Wall ball shots – fun or not?
Can you do an unassisted ring dip?
Um, no, NOT YET! 🙂

Wine Wednesday!


As promised, it’s Wine Wednesday! This past weekend, my sailor and I opened up a bottle of Cryptic – a California red blend. You should be able to find this for around $16.00 so I would fit this in the “inexpensive” category. Anything under $20 fits that bill for me. 🙂 Your personal preferences (or budget!) may state differently, but finding a good wine under $20 can be a challenge sometimes. So, when you do, it’s worth it to go back and buy a few more bottles to have in hand. Because wine is delicious. 🙂


Cryptic is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, and Zinfandel. It. Was. Delicious. It was a lush and fruity (thank you, Petite Syrah!) and, on first sniff, I got great cherry, and blackberry flavors. I wanted to chew through the smell! But, when I sipped, the Cab and the Zinfandel “mellowed” (for lack of a better word) the fruitiness and gave it depth, spice and a little vanilla flavor on the finish.


This is definitely a drinkable wine! We served it with grilled tri-tip sandwiches. YUM! Grilled meats are the best! You could also definitely serve this with something as simple as pizza or something as in-depth as a roast or hearty stew or chili. So, make sure you stop by your local wine market on the way home and see if you can find a bottle. Because if you don’t, I may beat you to it. Just sayin’.

Did you drink any good wine this weekend?
Spill it! (The beans, not the wine.)
Do you have a favorite you think I might like?
If you do, please share!

– jennifer

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