A traveling circuit &an airport hangout

Hello! Happy Saturday!

You know I had to pack my running gear so I could get a workout in while we were in Great Lakes for boot camp graduation. I considered sleeping in but convinced myself to get out of bed. So glad I did!

I warmed up and created my own circuit. I’m not sure how far I ran since I didn’t bring my Garmin but I was out for 30 minutes. I kept it slow and easy because I’m still recovering from my injury. I essentially did 2 rounds of run/3 strict pull ups/run/10 push ups/run/15 air squats. It was fabulous!

It was about 60 degrees this morning which, in my book, is perfect for working out! It was bliss because you KNOW I’m not going to have that when we get back to Florida.

Then, we went to a cool diner for breakfast.


Thing 1’s flight out was from Midway airport so we trekked down there to hang out for a bit.



But, it was totally worth it!


Best. Sandwich. Joint. Ever!

And, there isn’t one less than a day’s drive from where we live. We really need one. I should really work on that.

Of course, we had to have a treat. 🙂


She looks good, doesn’t she?


Questions: Do you workout when you travel? Is there a Potbelly’s near you? What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?

– jennifer

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