A beautiful sky, “Death by Slamball” (sounds fun, right?), and a good book

Hi there!

Rockin Wednesday

I really like Wednesdays. You can see Friday from here. 🙂

Since I’m up so early to go to the 5am Crossfit class, I try to get as much ready as I can the night before. I try to have my food bag – I’d call it a lunch sack but really, I pack so much more than lunch! – as ready as I can so all I have to do is grab stuff from the fridge and go. I also set out all the ingredients that can be for my protein smoothie that I whip up in my blender. And, I get my work ensemble out in the car.

Sometimes, I am graced with this when I do that.


I love the sky. 🙂

This morning, I pulled out my old Saucony Ride 5s instead of wearing the Kinvaras per my recent norm. It felt like my feet went home when I put them on! Seriously. They were all nice and cushy and comfortable!


Of course, they have a lot of miles on them so I can’t wear them for serious running but…I’m not really doing that yet. I’ll give it some time and see how things feel. But, I’ll be honest – they felt pretty darn good during this morning’s workout!


Yes, the board is a hot mess.


Tracy added 5 strict pull ups to our work which was fine with me because I want to be able to do 2 in a row without stopping! I’m certainly not going to get to that point if I don’t work on them.

Um, the warm up? Death by slam ball? Oh, good Lord.

I used a 20# ball.

That was enough for an individual workout!

But no. There was more.

My partner, Marie, and I set up for the WOD.

We each had to complete 3 rounds of 10 65# thrusters, 15 toes to bar (or knees to chest), and 20 65# deadlifts.

(After a 400m team farmer’s carry with the 65# barbell. Oof.)

One person worked and one person rested.

Holy. Cow.

Those thrusters.

Arms. and Shoulders. Tired.

It was hard but it was a good one!


So, Monica from Run Eat Repeat posed a question on her Facebook page yesterday looking for reading material for her upcoming trip. It was interesting to me to see some of the responses that came before I put my 2¢ in. There were quite a few suggestions for running related books as well as other non-fiction and fiction.  I’m presently reading “Once a Runner” by John Parker on my Kindle and enjoying it very much. The book basically covers the hard work and dedication that’s necessary to be an elite runner. I find it uplifting and exciting to read about other runners and their pursuits and their trials and tribulations along the way. I’m certainly not an elite runner but it’s nice to know that we all share the same feelings and issues on occasion. I can relate.

So, that brings me to my Questions!

1. What are you reading right now? What have you read that you might recommend? I’m always looking for new material, both running and non-running related.

2. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
I’m kind of a sunrise fan but I’m a morning person. And, watching the sun rise while out on a run is just peaceful to me. 🙂

– jennifer

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