I eat ugly cookies & I don’t care


How is your weekend going? Are you melting where you are? Good grief, it’s hot!


I got back to business and planned our upcoming week’s worth of meals and hit the grocery store. Of course, they didn’t have the flank steak and short ribs I had on my list so I had to go to another store. Grrr….I hate that! I’d so much rather get it all done at one time.

But, I finally found cinnamon chips!


Now, I just have to decide what I want to make with them!!

Today is chocolate chip day! Interestingly enough, National Chocolate Chip Day is in May (the 15th, I think). Not sure what makes one “National Chocolate Chip Day” and one just plain old “Chocolate Chip Day.” Whatever, EVERY day is chocolate chip day as far as I’m concerned so I also grabbed a bag of dark chocolate chips during my grocery run. 🙂


Except, something didn’t go quite right. I was testing out a new recipe and, well …


Not the way I want my cookies to turn out. 😦

Still ate them though.

Just because they’re ugly doesn’t make them any less a cookie. Don’t judge me. My momma didn’t raise no cookie snob.

They were delicious.

But, clearly I need to work on the recipe. I’ll post it as soon as I can make them look presentable. 🙂

On my schedule today? Laundry, catching the re-airing of the Crossfit games on ESPN2 and resting my foot so I can get back to it tomorrow morning. Oh, and grilling. Cornish game hens. Haven’t made those in years! Om nom nom!


Enjoy your day!


1. Do you have any favorite recipes that use cinnamon chips? Please share!

2. Have you ever made Cornish game hens?

3. Are you a cookie snob? 🙂

– jennifer

2 thoughts on “I eat ugly cookies & I don’t care

  1. Good one. You are right cookies don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be scrump-dely-icious (well however you spell it) or better yet, lip smacking good!

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