Craziest. Monday. Ever. and an injury update

Hello friends!

Did anyone else besides me notice the moon this morning? Or even yesterday morning, for that matter?

No? Hm…guess I should have taken a picture after all. It was just so early and I don’t think to grab my phone when I’m taking the pooches out for their first morning “pit stop.” I mean, it IS 3:30 a.m. after all!

Anyway, yesterday, the moon was just a teeny tiny edge away from being full. Almost as if someone had bumped the crust off that side of the pie. And this morning, completely full.

Sorry, this picture is from June. But, isn't it pretty?

Sorry, this picture is from June. But, isn’t it pretty?

Big, beautiful moon hanging in the sky. Man, do I regret not getting a picture! *note to self – carry camera EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!”

    Side note: Well, tonight, it’s supposed to be a “blue moon” so make sure you have your cameras ready!

But, that doesn’t have anything to do with yesterday.

Or does it?

Yesterday was crazy. Like, CRAY CRAY!

The WOD was a toughie.


I RX’d it, by the way! Took me 16 minutes to finish but still – Go me!

(EMOM stands for every minute on the minute.)

But, I was SO TIRED for the rest of the morning.


Like, falling asleep at my desk while actively typing tired.

extended blinking

I don’t normally do that.

Really! I don’t!

Then, there were a few other things that happened that I can’t really go into but – weird and awkward would be great adjectives to describe the middle of my work day.

And then, there was jubilation!

(nope, sorry, can’t even share that…..YET!)

I was downright EXHAUSTED last night from the physical and emotional roller coaster that was Monday.


Injury update!

After yesterday’s WOD, I decided to test out my foot with a little 800m jog. It actually felt pretty good! I had rested it over the weekend and I didn’t have really any swelling after Friday’s killer WOD so I was hopeful that I was really and truly on the mend. My plan for today was to run in the morning – a short distance – and then hit the 5pm CrossFit class. Well, some of yesterday’s events changed my plans today so I went to the 5am CrossFit class with the plan to go for a little run after the WOD.

I was so thankful to see today’s WOD! The dice game!!


Basically, you roll the die once and that’s the exercise you do; roll it again and that’s the amount of reps. FUN!

I DID BOX JUMPS!!! Like, a for real, honest-to-goodness BOX JUMP! Pain and FEAR free! I was so happy that I was just jumping on and off the box! Ha! *dork alert*

And, afterwards, I went for a run. About a mile and a half run! WOOT!

My foot felt pretty good. A little stiff but not super painful. I held a comfortable pace and, even though I know I could have gone another half mile for an even 2 miles this morning, I figured that limiting myself was best. Baby steps. But, BLISS!

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve been able to run pain free. I miss it.

I’m so glad I’m almost back to 100%!


1. Was your Monday crazy or did that just happen in my world?

2. Do you have any chocolate?

– jennifer

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