Running!! and today’s the day. *sigh*


(yes, the exclamation point is back!)

Happy Thursday!

weekend around the corner

We’ve got a 3-day weekend coming up!  Woot!

I love 3 day weekends!

We have loads of fun stuff planned!  Do you?

(I’m trying to be super happy about the upcoming weekend to forget the fact that today is, indeed, the same day as my dentist appointment.)



I don’t want to go.  I’d totally rather eat dirt.

eat dirt

Gosh, I hope there aren’t any worms in there. Blech!

But, my tooth hurts and I’m pretty sure that there IS such a thing as too much ibuprofen.

So, I’ll go.

Fingers crossed I survive.

Aaaand, moving on.

I decided to skip CrossFit this morning and go for a run instead. *GASP*


I actually felt a little guilty about not going to CrossFit.  Even though I was going to do my favorite fitness activity instead.

A runner should not feel guilty about running!

I just love CrossFit so much!  But, I love running, too.  In fact, I loved running first.  I’ve loved running much longer!

So, this morning, I ran.

(This also means I didn’t have to get up at 3:30am. Bonus!)

By the light....of the silvery moon..... :)

By the light….of the silvery moon….. 🙂

my street at 5am

my street at 5am

I didn’t really go too far but I’m totally cool with that!


It’s not about the distance – it’s the fact that I can run again. I’m building up little by little.

So, with mileage after CrossFit and then this morning, I’ve knocked out 7 1/2 miles this week! Last week I did 4 total miles.


I really love running.

Oh, and if you’re curious, here’s what my street looks like at dusk (looking the other direction).


Pretty, huh? 🙂


1. Do you enjoy running in the dark? Would you believe that I’m actually afraid of the dark? And, for some reason, I prefer to run in the early morning dark rather than the late evening dark.  The two just feel different to me. Is that weird?

2. Will you go to my dentist and pretend you’re me so I don’t have to go?  Please? 

– jennifer

2 thoughts on “Running!! and today’s the day. *sigh*

  1. Went for an early run on Sunday and was running in the woods in the moonlight…had my first critter encounter. I am not really sure what it was, but it scurried in front of me and trotted off into the brush. Heart rate did go up a bit. We have cougars back in that area, so I am always a bit uptight before it gets light.

  2. Yikes! I’m thankful we don’t have that problem in my neighborhood. If anything startles me, it’s usually a much smaller feline or a squirrel. I do worry about the occasional loose dog but I avoid the one street where I know a snotty, fence & leash free dachshund lives. I’d prefer my ankles to stay in one piece, thankyouverymuch.

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