Not just ANY Thursday!



But, it’s not just ANY Thursday.

Do you even know what today is?

The day I have been waiting for ALL SUMMER LONG!


NFL Kickoff, baby!!

Can you tell I’m excited?

No? Not even a little bit?


Let me try harder then.

One of the best movies ever.


I have been waiting for this day since February 4, 2013.

I was glued to my TV and phone for coverage of the Combine.

I actively watched NFL Network and my twitter feed during free agency.

I didn’t move off my couch once during draft.

I may have even recorded it.

Yes, I’m THAT nerd.

Don’t judge me.

And, then came training camp.

And preseason.

And NOW…..

classy lady


Question: Are YOU ready for some football?!?!


– jennifer

4 thoughts on “Not just ANY Thursday!

    • Hm…the Packers….mostly, I’m okay with them. However, we shall not be friends on September 15th. 🙂

      Tonight’s game will be interesting. I have Denver’s D in my fantasy league but Champ Bailey is out. That hurts against Flacco’s arm. Do you do Fantasy Football?

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