Track Tuesday and some Yasso 800s


Happy Tuesday!


I made it to the track this morning for some Yasso 800s.  WOOT!

What are Yassoo 800s?

Basically, death by running in circles.


No, not really.

They’re actually a great workout.  I’m glad I started with them because I can come back to them later and see how much I’ve improved as my training progresses.  And trust me when I say there’s definitely room for improvement.

Okay, so Yasso 800s.  There’s this runner guy named Bart Yasso.

He’s basically been running forever.

Anyway, he developed this workout that’s supposed to help you predict your marathon time – the Yasso 800s.

That’s a pretty crazy proposition, isn’t it?  I mean, (for those who don’t know) an 800 is only 2 laps around a track.  It’s only HALF A MILE.  How can running some 800s predict how you’ll finish running 26.2 MILES?!

So, basically, the goal is to run up to 10 800s and keep the same pace for each one.  For example, if you consistently run a 4 minute 800, then you can reasonably expect to run a 4 hour marathon.  4:00 (minutes) = 4:00 (hours)

I honestly don’t know how he figured that out.  But, it really works.  Many, many, many people have incorporated Yasso 800s into their marathon training and have successfully predicted their finish time.  (And, if you want to learn more, read this article by Amby Burfoot – also a dude that’s been running forever.)

All of those people are WAY faster than me.

And, I’m okay with that. 🙂

So, my training plan that I made up for myself had me running 6 800s today.  I don’t know how or why I came up with 6 but I did.  Um, yeah.  I did 4 of them.

I’m slightly out of running shape.

Injuries and a subsequent respite from running tend to do that to you.

I warmed up with a mile around the track.



Then I got down to bizness.

I knocked my first 800 out in 3:20.


I’ll be honest.  That was WAY TOO FAST.  Seriously.  Who do I think I am anyway – Kara Goucher?

(Um, seriously, if I thought I was Kara Goucher, I’d have to run WAY FASTER than that.  She probably runs a 3:20 800 on a rest day.  But, for me, that’s FAST.)

Needless to say, the next 3 weren’t that fast.  I averaged about 3:45 for the others.  Except for maybe the last one. That one had to be much slower.  I didn’t look at my watch to see.  And I was okay with that.  Because I didn’t die.


Not a bad workout. 🙂

I’ve got them again in about a month.  Will be interesting to see my progress.  🙂

Oh, and Mr. Yasso himself responded to my tweet this morning. Yeah, that totally rocks.


Question: Do you have benchmark workouts that you use to test your training progress?  What’s your favorite – either running, CrossFit or whatever?

– jennifer

One thought on “Track Tuesday and some Yasso 800s

  1. Great work there, Jennifer!
    I usually measure my progress in my spin classes by how many miles I ride in a one hour class.
    Pretty amazing, let me tell ya!

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