Track Tuesday! 400s and some crazy new math


Happy Track Tuesday!


the calm before the storm

As you can tell, the shutdown has not affected my blog.


I know you’re relieved!

Actually, I am a little worried about it extending out for a while because, um, we do have that military transfer thing coming up (that requires $$$ – government $$$) and we ARE trying to buy a house.

Thankfully, we’re already preapproved but it’s a VA loan and well, last time I checked, the VA falls under that government umbrella.

But, stress is overrated so I’m trying not to worry about it.

So, I hit the track this morning for some 400s.  10 of them to be exact.

no, that's not my foot

no, that’s not my foot


That’s a lot of 400s, in case you were wondering.

I warmed up with a mile and then got down to bizness. 🙂

Actually, according to my Garmin, my warm-up was MORE than a mile and I only did 4 laps.  Stayed in the same lane and went point to point but still more than a mile.

So, which one is wrong?

And, for the record, it’s a certified college track.

Anyway, it’s just odd.  4 laps should be a mile every day of the week.

But, maybe that’s just me. Or, maybe that’s just old math.

Maybe I should go back to school and learn some of that newfangled math.

Anywhooo, 400s.

I averaged about 1:45 for each of them and jogged 200m in between them.

The first 4 were good.

The second 4 were okay.

The last 2 sucked.  Like, really bad.

It didn’t help that I had plenty of company out there.

Air Force ROTC flight (platoon, squad, group? you’d think I’d remember what to call them.), a few Marines running in boots and camo pants (show offs), and then the ladies soccer team showed up.

This was 6 am.

Needless to say, my last few 400s were a little like a game of frogger except I was dodging future airmen and soccer balls.



Good times.


seriously? 5.87 miles? running in circles around a track? whatevs.

And, yes, I did my burpee.

After my mile warm-up.

I’m keeping it real – it’s a challenge and I’m up to it! 🙂

Then, afterwards, I knocked out some push-ups (over-achiever) and stretched and got out of there before MORE people showed up!

All in all, it was a great way to start my Tuesday.

Have I mentioned how much I love running? 🙂

Questions: Who thinks all of Congress should do burpees until they get their shit together?

– jennifer

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