Cindy, some Paleo grub, and moving stress


Happy Tuesday!


So, yesterday was my first day of “unemployment.”

I was busier at home than I probably would have been had I gone into the office!

We’ve got a move prep list that is a mile long.

ACE- Long Scroll-Whitepapers


Okay, maybe not really, but there’s definitely a lot of stuff on there!

We actually managed to get a fair amount accomplished – including setting up the house cleaning and carpet cleaning companies.  What a stress relief that was!

We can certainly clean the house ourselves but the prices that were quoted were just too awesome to pass up and, BONUS, now we don’t have to scrub the baseboards!

My least favorite part of cleaning.

Palpable relief. 🙂

This is my last week of CrossFit at Alpha Omega.



I’m such a nerd that, even though I’m just coming home afterwards now, I’m still getting up at 3:30 to make the 5am class.

(I live like 35-40 minutes from the box.)

The 5am class is my family.

I’ve planned out my “going away” WOD for Friday.

It’s going to be a good one. 🙂

Today, we did Cindy.

I actually LOVE Cindy!


I really liked that we worked on kipping pull-ups before the WOD.

Helped me focus my kip before the WOD.

I knocked out 14 rounds + 6 reps – all Rx!


After a while, it was difficult to string together more than 2-3 kipping pull-ups at a time but I kept on.

I’m hopeful that the next time I do it, my kip will be that much more efficient and I’ll be able to get more rounds done.

So, I’ve tried some new Paleo meals the past few nights.

Sunday was Bacon Beef Butternut Squash from the Civilized Caveman.


Om nom nom!

The balsamic onions really make this dish something special so don’t skip that part.


Trust me.

*Note: 30 minutes may not be long enough for the initial cooking time for the butternut squash.  If the flesh doesn’t come out easily, put that baby back in the oven. You definitely want it tender.

Last night, was Bacon Chicken Bowl from Juli at PaleOMG.


Let me tell you something.

O. M. G.

This dish was the bomb x 12!

And, so stinkin’ easy!

And, I made some extra chicken and there’s a whole sweet potato left – JACKPOT!

I already claimed the leftovers for lunch.

Nope.  Not sharing.


Question: How many times have you moved in your life?

I was a Navy brat, an active duty Sailor, and am a Navy spouse, so I’ve moved a lot my whole life.  This will actually be my 26th move.


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