The hotel life ain’t for me.



Question: when you were a kid, did the thought of living in a hotel seem glamorous and exotic? Or was that just me?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. In fact, it’s very boring. Very. Very. Boring.

Boring enough for me to consider downloading Candy Crush on my phone.  Gah! Don’t worry! I didn’t! 🙂

So, Thing 2 and I have been trying to stay busy. We’ve been out learning the new area and doing a little window shopping.

Except for when we went to TJ Maxx.

But, I couldn’t help myself. I found some cool stuff! 🙂


I have never seen these before! They were so delicious!


O. M. G. This pumpkin butter was so amazing!

I also picked up this little gem. Can’t wait to use it!


I can’t wait to get into our new home and get our stuff and get back to normal life. Having the kitchenette in the hotel room has been pretty awesome but it’s not my stuff.

I did manage to put together a rather delicious stir-fry for dinner the other day. 4 ingredients thanks to Ken’s marinades. 🙂


On tonight’s menu? Mac n cheese with tuna! Cuz, you know, we’re fancy like that.

Question: What are you doing this weekend?

– jennifer

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