So, I totally kicked my own butt yesterday….

Hello, hello!

Remember that kickass bodyweight WOD I did yesterday?



Totally kicked my own ass.

I am so flippin’ sore today!


I’m so glad today was a run day!


And, it was beautiful this morning!



I absolutely love Fall weather. 🙂

So, the hotel has gas grills available for the guests to use.

We’ve checked them out – they’re not too bad.

So, for tonight’s dinner, I’m going to make some hamburgers with the leftover sirloin and italian sausage from Sunday’s chili.

I bought a jar of BBQ seasoning to throw in.


Should be pretty interesting!

I’ve never used hot italian sausage in a burger.

I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Question: What’s your favorite season? 

I’m a big fall girl.  Football, beautiful trees, cool weather – LOVE!

– jennifer

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