Weekend reflections: baby, it was COLD outside!

Hello! Happy Monday!


I got bangs!

How was your weekend?

I hope you weren’t in the line of fire of yesterday’s winter storm and, if you were, you maintained power and stayed all nice and toasty warm indoors.

We were supposed to go to the Redskins/Chiefs game at FedEx Field but wisely decided to stay home.

At least, in my warm house, my tears didn’t freeze as they were squeezing out of my eyes.


I’ll be honest. I knew we were going to lose. Have you seen the Chiefs this year?! But, I was still excited about the game because my sailor is a Chiefs fan and how awesome was it going to be to see an excellent team play live and in person?

Well, I’m glad we got to watch an excellent team play while in the warmth and comfort of our living room.

Sheesh. What a routing.

Sometimes, it’s so hard to be a Redskins fan.

sad Redskin


Anyway, the crappy weather also means I didn’t get my long run in on Saturday.

Freezing rain.

Not my idea of excellent running weather.

I’m honestly a little concerned about my upcoming marathon. I haven’t managed a run longer than 13 miles in this whole training process. I hope I don’t die.

I still have a little more than month and 3 weekends to get in some serious distance so I can taper the last weekend before the race.

I can do this!

(did I sound convincing? I really need to sound convincing!)

Anywho, instead of a long run, we decorated the house!


Honestly, that was WAY more fun than running 20 miles in the freezing rain would have been. 🙂

Then, we went out later to Bed, Bath, and Beyond – seriously, I can drop some major $$$ in that store! – because I needed some stocking hangers for the mantle.


Are those cute or what?!

And, then, of course, while we were there we had to buy our joint Christmas gift.


Hey, we had a 20% off coupon! It would have been just silly if we hadn’t picked it up while we were there. 😉


I have totally been wanting this for SO. LONG.

My old food processor was just, well … old.


It served me well but the seal was not as great as it used to be and the bowl was cracked a little and I’ve had it for years.

It was definitely time for an upgrade. 🙂

Hey! Did you know yesterday was National Brownie Day?

I didn’t know until I saw a tweet about it! There really out to be a calendar out there that alerts us to such things. Why isn’t there an app for that?

So, of course, I had to make brownies!


Click the photo to get the recipe! Om nom nom

Om nom nom!

Question: What’s your favorite Christmas song or CD?

Ever heard of Mitch Miller? My favorite non-traditional song is Must Be Santa. I can put that on repeat and not get tired of it. Reminds me of being a kid and driving to my grandparents’ house for the holidays. 🙂

As for traditional songs, my favorite has to be Little Drummer Boy. 

– jennifer

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