Weird weather & some last minute gift ideas!


Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 🙂

It’s so hard to believe Christmas is only 2 days away.

Especially since it’s 65 degree outside right now.

Seriously, Mother Nature, what the heck?

I totally ran in a t-shirt and shorts this morning.


um, awkward selfie

It was absolutely POURING at about 5:30 this morning so I wasn’t sure a run was going to happen.

But, when I finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed, it wasn’t raining at all so I took advantage of the break.

I got drizzled on a little during the run but I didn’t mind. Quite refreshing, actually!


And, I totally picked the right time to go because not too long after I got back, it POURED again.


Rain. For. Days.

At least we’re not getting the severe thunderstorms that were predicted but still – I need to scrub my floors and it seems pointless to do it now since I have dogs. Dogs who need to go outside. Where it’s wet and muddy. And, there’s no end in sight. *sigh*

Anywho, have you finished all your Christmas shopping?

Honestly, I haven’t. Isn’t that awful?!


 But, in my defense, I wasn’t going to send those presents anyway.

We’re seeing my folks AFTER Christmas and doing gift exchange then so …

Yeah, still lame.

Aaanywaays, if you are like me and haven’t finished, here are some great last minute gift ideas for the athletes (and non-athletes) on your list!

iTunes gift cards

Seriously, who doesn’t own an iPod these days? And, a large portion of the population owns iPhones, too. iTunes gift cards are especially appropriate for anyone who listens to music. Some people even listen to music while they run/work out/commute/cook dinner/dance in their underwear, etc!

Amazon gift cards

I know, I know. More gift cards. Hear me out! Amazon is great because there are just SO MANY THINGS that a person can buy from there! Books, CDs, DVDs, books for a Kindle, running gear, CrossFit gear, kitchen accessories, clothes, STUFF! Seriously, you can’t go wrong.

Wine lovers

Wine of the month club subscription. Really! Such things DO exist! And, you don’t have to be locked into super expensive Napa Cabs! Many have options that start at $22.00/month. AND, you don’t have to lock into a year’s subscription! You can often do 3 month subscriptions and the recipient can renew on their own. It’s a great way for a wine lover to try new wines he/she may not have reached for at the local wine market. Or, depending on the state they live in, that wine may not even BE available at the store! Some states are weird like that. But, be advised, some states don’t allow wine to be shipped in AT ALL (Maryland, looking at you.) so make sure your recipient lives in a wine friendly state before you order. Here are some options:

Wine of the Month Club

California Wine of the Month Club

Gold Medal Wine Club

International Wine of the Month Club

Virginia Wine of the Month Club

Hey, don’t knock Virginia wines until you’ve tried them. There are some STELLAR vineyards in Virginia that have won major awards both nationally and internationally. Trust me. 😀

For the chef/foodie

Cookbooks, fun food items (often found at random places like T.J. Maxx), gourmet coffees, etc. Really, if you know the person, you probably know what they like and you know they’re going to LOVE a gift/goodie basket of yummy treats. For example: crackers/fun cheeses/fruit (of course, this is a  better “in-person” gift than it is a “in-the-mail” gift), gourmet coffees and a fun mug, fancy almonds and dried fruit snacks, etc. You can do this!

For the runner/athlete

You can hit up any sporting goods store and find a plethora of fun stuff! If your friend likes hats, you can certainly find a TON to choose from. Some even have little spots for keys and gels, etc. THOSE are awesome and convenient. Gloves (especially the kind that allow you to touch your phone) are perfect for runners in cold weather locations. No, they’re not likely to be texting and running but, if they listen to music on an iPhone, they’re quite helpful! Reflective gear – vests, armbands, wrist straps, ankle straps, etc are a great way to show someone you care enough for them to come home. 🙂

Now, get on out there and shop!

Question: Are you traveling for Christmas? How far do you have to go? Be safe out there!

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