2014 goals – Challenge Accepted!


Happy New Year’s Eve! 🙂


So, I’ve been doing some thinking.  ‘Tis the season for resolutions, after all. Did you make any resolutions?

Tee hee!

I don’t know that I’m making any real resolutions – it’s more like establishing goals and setting the plan.  I already exercise so I don’t need to start and I already eat healthy so I don’t need to “diet” but my goals and plans for 2014 definitely revolve around those two areas.

 In 2014, my focus is going to be on fitness, food and FUN!


 Okay, so I’m making some big, big plans for my fitness next year.  I feel like I’ve really been slacking the past couple of months.  Yes, I know I’ve moved, bought a new home, dealt with holidays, searched for a job, etc but still. I DO have that marathon coming up in just under 2 weeks and I haven’t been running as much as I feel like I should have.

I really hope I don’t break.

That would be so not good.

 So, after Mississippi Blues, I’m running Flying Pig Marathon in early May.  I’d really like to get that BQ during that race.

Yeah, THAT’S going to take some work.

 Then – and here’s the big news! – I’ve decided I’m going to run a 50k.

Like, for real.

31+ miles.

From start to finish.

On purpose.

I’m going to do the New River Trail 50k.

Registration isn’t up yet but as soon as it is, I’m IN!

 Yes, I know I’m crazy.



 As far as CrossFit goes, I’m hoping to get back into a box pretty soon.  I’ve held off because I haven’t found a job yet but I have a couple of interviews coming up (YAY!) and I’m confident.  *fingers crossed* So, I think I’ve narrowed down where I’m going to go and I am So.Ready.

 Hm….I wonder if a muscle up is in my future for 2014? 😉


 We eat pretty healthy around this joint in general but I’m looking to upgrade our health even more.  Very in line with that awesome Clean Eating cookbook I just got, I plan on upgrading my pantry and trying to eliminate those processed foods that seem to just work their way back in.  I really want to get some Paleo cookbooks, too. I can’t help it – I have a cookbook addiction!  Do you have any recommendations?

 I’m also going to try a little more recipe development. The success stories I will share with YOU!  One of the items on my list of things to make is homemade BBQ sauce.

 Hey, why start with something easy? 😉


Well, duh. Who DOESN’T want to have more fun?



But, it’s really easy to get caught up in normal, daily business and forget to have fun.

That’s a total bummer.

Definitely NOT FUN.

I’m going to try to not let that happen in 2014.

Okay, so I’m realistic – I KNOW I’m going to forget to have fun every now and then.

Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to remember.

You can help remind me!

After all, life’s too short to not have fun.


Celebrate safely tonight and remember –


Question: What are your goals for 2014?

– jennifer

7 thoughts on “2014 goals – Challenge Accepted!

  1. Nice work Jen, glad to hear your pushing the running distance! Is it a trail run? I have a 20 miler in a couple of weeks and a 55k in Moab in February (first ultra). No real goals beyond that. My running partner is doing his first 100 miler in June so I hope to crew and pace him for that. Other than that, not too much. Good to see you kickin’ butt! Say hi to Chris and the girls!

    • It is a trail run. Course description says “100% dirt, flat and entirely along the New River and Chestnut Creek in the New River Trail State Park.” Should be beautiful!

      I’d love to crew on someone doing a 100-miler. That would just be so inspiring and amazing to watch!

      I know you’re going to kick butt on your upcoming runs! What elevation is the 55k? It sounds amazing! (And hard!)

      • The 55k has about 4k feet of gain for the 34 miles in Moab, starting at around 5000 feet. The 20 miler actually has 5000, so, steeper. I think that running flatter courses would be way harder for me because I don’t train on roads. So I think yours will be the harder course! When is te 50k?

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