Me and my bright ideas…..

Hello, hello!

Happy Monday!



Did you watch any of the football games yesterday?

We did! They were pretty good!

Well, to be honest, I fell asleep and missed the ending of the San Francisco/Seattle game.

I was a little tired.

I tuckered myself out during the New England/Denver game.

You see, I got the bright idea to alternate 10 pushups and 10 squats every time Peyton Manning yelled “Omaha.”

Did you know that he yelled “Omaha” 31 times yesterday?

Thirty. One.



It is safe to assume that I am really sore today.

Me and my bright ideas. :/

*sidebar* Did you also know that he raised $24,800 for charity yesterday by yelling “Omaha?”  I think that’s pretty badass. Read about it here: Manning’s Charity to get $24,800

Anywhoooo, I didn’t spend the day sitting on my couch mindlessly munching on chips, etc. #brightside

I really debated about heading out for a run this morning because I AM a little sore and I have speed work (800 repeats) on the schedule for tomorrow.


Thank goodness the runner in me beat the lazy me in that arm wrestling match!


It was definitely a beautiful morning for a run. 🙂

said no one ever

Talk to me: Do you think this jar of honey that I bought is too big? 😉


– jennifer

8 thoughts on “Me and my bright ideas…..

    • I was actually indifferent on that game. I like both teams for different reasons so I was just hoping for a good game. 🙂 Sorry your team lost though. At least they were there! Mine….not so much. lol

  1. That’s a few push ups and squats. Yowza! I’m sore just thinking about it. Hawks/49ers game was fun to watch, except that the sportsmanship is pretty sad.

    • It’s unfortunate that grown men who are viewed as “role models” to many who sorely need them cannot reign in their juvenile antics.

      And, I hope I never hear the word “Omaha” again. It haunted my dreams last night. haha

      • Yeah, I think I would have preferred your Omaha workout to the crap I saw yesterday. The showboating needs to end. Let your play speak for itself.

        By the way, finished my 21 miler in 3:51 Saturday!

      • Ha, thanks for the confidence! Truth is that it was the hardest thing I’ve done yet. I didn’t eat much before the race and didn’t bring enough fuel/water. By the time the 2nd aid station came around (mile 13), the bacon and coke were heavenly. Needless to say, it was more of a waddle than a run when I left to finish the final 8 miles.

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