Link Love Friday!

Hello, hello!

Happy Friday!



So, I’ve got a few things to share with you!

First up is a fitness challenge.

You know how I feel about fitness challenges.


Yes, I’m a sucker. 😉

Ericka at “the sweet life with ericka” is doing a 30 day core power challenge starting on Monday.

Of course, I signed up and I think you should join me! (just click the link to sign up!)

One core move a day for 30 days and you could win an item worth up to $75 from Lululemon or Fabletics.

Nice, right?!

Oh, the other, even better bonus?

A stronger core!

Ahem, that’s pretty important. Read this to learn why (in case you didn’t already know). AND, once you’ve done something 30 days in a row, perhaps you’ll have a new habit that will only benefit your life, health and fitness. 🙂

Second – do you have a crock pot?

If you answered no, um, what’s wrong with you? Have you been living under a rock? Do you not eat?! Stop what you’re doing and go get one right now. I’ll wait. Your life will become so much better, I promise!

Okay, phew, now that you have one, let’s continue.

Do you love your crock pot? Do you love trying new recipes? Or, do you have a tendency to make the same things all the time? Oh. That’s just me? *sigh*

Okay, who am I kidding? I’ve had requests to do that (make something again) but I’m ALWAYS trying new recipes.

So, when I saw this on the FitFluential blog and just about died of happiness!

38 – count them, 38 – new crock pot recipes to try!

Oh, yeah. DEFINITELY making some of these.

Finally, if you’ve ever paid attention to my sidebar – over there, down near the bottom ->

You’ll see that I follow quite a few blogs.

Have you checked any of them out? You totally should. Go ahead, pick one and click. You never know what you might learn. 🙂

I love reading blogs. LOVE.

I actually follow quite a few more but they’re not on the list because they’re not WordPress hosted (like mine) and WordPress doesn’t, for some reason, show them.

Some of my favorites that aren’t listed:

The Lean Green Bean 

Lindsay is a Registered Dietician who shares great food and fitness tips, recipes, thoughts and ideas. You should definitely check out her blog.

Um, my favorite Dutch Oven bread is from her. Om nom nom!



Juli shares some of the most amazing recipes I have ever made. Seriously. I’m addicted to her meat sauce. And remember when I made Bacon Wrapped Meatballs?


Totally O. M. G.

Run, Eat, Repeat

Monica’s a runner. AND a redhead. It’s karma. 🙂  And, I actually saw her at the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans marathon last year when I went out to cheer on my friend, Erin! Unfortunately, she didn’t see me. Or hear me. HOLLERING her name. At mile 21(ish). It’s fine. I’ve moved on.

Kara Goucher helped.


Talk to me: What/who are some of your favorite blogs/bloggers?

– jennifer

3 thoughts on “Link Love Friday!

    • Your lucky number is 13?! Mine, too! It’s fate. 🙂 And, I’m one of your favorites? Thanks! That really means more than I could ever express. *blushing* 🙂 I really enjoy yours, too. I’m always impressed by how motivated you are. I can’t wait to hear how the spin instructor class goes!

      I checked out that blog. Add another one to my list! I really must have her peanut butter mug cake. Like right now. Om nom nom!!

      • I have been addicted to mug cakes lately! Working on some recipes of my own. 🙂
        Hey, about #13 – I used to win bets at exams at college that I would pull ticket #13 (we had to actually pull the tickets with questions out of a pile and then answer, oh good old days!)

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