Handstands are hard, fartleks are fun, and curry is YUM!

Hi there!

Could this week BE going any slower?

Seriously, it feels like it should be Thursday.

*sidebar* Remember this one? Haha!

Okay, sorry, got distracted.

I’m kind of in a mood today.

Not bad, not good just … a mood.

It’s cold, there’s a blend of snow/rain spitting out of the sky every so often and this week is dragging. Gah!

Anywho, I’m looking forward to CrossFit tonight.

We’re doing Helen!

I love benchmark WODs. It’ll be great for me to see where I’m at now so I know where I need improvement. Because, let me tell you, I need some improvement.

(For an explanation of the named WODs, check this out. Go to section 4.1 for the girls.)

Monday’s WOD was a toughie.


Especially since we started off with front squats and back squats for Strength work.


As I’ve mentioned before, this box is small and there are only 4 barbell racks. So, we were sharing. Which I really liked because I like having a “partner” there to boost my confidence.

Except for when my partner is a total badass chick and we have to take weight off just so I can do mine.

No, seriously. I didn’t mind. One day, I hope to push around that much weight!

Anyway, I managed 95# which I was TOTALLY stoked with!

Then, I knocked out the deadlifts at 115#. My PR was 125# before we moved and I wasn’t operating at my one rep max so I felt like 115# was pretty awesome.

And then, the WOD. Which involved handstand walks. Which I can’t do. At all.

I can’t even do a handstand.

handstand fail

So, to modify, I basically walked backwards up the wall and tried to hold a handstand for a minute. Yes, it sounds weird. And yes, it is very, very difficult.

4 rounds of that had my shoulders begging for mercy.

Add in kettlebell snatches – coach wisely dropped the overhead squat part since we were ALL wonky with that one – and I’m surprised I can lift my arms.

I ended up with 87 total kettlebell snatches (used 26# KB) and 27 toes to bar and 18 abmat situps (coach had us all drop to the floor for the 4th round).

And, I’m heading in to the box a little early tonight for some one-on-one coaching on that handstand.

It will not beat me. 🙂

Yesterday was a run day. It was actually pretty awesome. I did have 6x800s to do but my body is still adjusting to the extra bidness of CrossFit so I just went out for a run.


Okay, I kept a quick-ish pace (faster than marathon) for 3 miles and then did 1 1/2 miles of fartleks/strides. Finished up with a little over a mile back at the quick-ish pace.

It actually felt pretty good!

The best part?

Crockpot Brazilian Curry Chicken for dinner.



Talk to me: Is this week dragging for you? Are you looking forward to the weekend?

– jennifer

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