Fence fail & (finally) my CrossFit Open recap


Do you remember how excited I was about fence day on Tuesday?


Turns out they brought the wrong slats. We ordered cedar and we didn’t get it.


Thankfully, this is all that had been put up by the time we discovered it wasn’t the right wood!

Massive fail.

My poor dogs were so disappointed.

Me too when I had to get up around midnight both last night and the night before for dog potty breaks.

Seriously, what is up with that anyway? They’re not puppies!

Anyway, the correct wood has been delivered – Thing 2 called me to report the delivery! – and I’m really hopeful the guys will be out tomorrow to get it up on the frame. *fingers crossed*

So, I haven’t updated you on my workouts since last week, which included the final CrossFit Open workout 14.5 on Friday.

Holy. Mother. of. Hard.


The Rx weight for women was 65# for the thrusters. I, however, scaled down to 55# because I wanted to FINISH the workout before Saturday came around.

I finished in 23:52.

I’ll be honest.

I’ve done some seriously difficult workouts but this is the first one where I honestly felt like I wanted to quit. Of course I didn’t but I thought about it.

I lost count and forgot where I was while I was doing the 15 burpees. I knew I was a round behind one of my WODmates so I asked her what round she was on. Thank goodness she knew because I certainly didn’t want to start over!

The round of 12 was probably the hardest. I tried to do the thrusters in 3 groups of 4 but ended up grouping them into 4 groups of 3. I pretty much stuck with that grouping through the rest.

Never have I been so happy to shout “time” in my life.

I really enjoyed (mostly) the overall experience of my first CrossFit Open games.  I definitely learned a lot about myself and my abilities and what I need to work on: double unders, overhead squats, building weight on deadlifts, endurance, pull ups in general, and eventual muscle-ups.

Even though I was only able to submit an official score for 14.1, (although I did do 14.4 Rx) I’m proud of myself for tackling (and attempting to tackle Rx) these workouts. I showed up for every single one – and sometimes I was the ONLY one at my class – and I worked hard. I may have wanted to at times but I didn’t give up. There wasn’t a single thing that I told myself I couldn’t do … right now.

I know next year will be a whole new ballgame. The only place for me to go is up.  🙂


Talk to me: Did you participate in the Open this year? If not, are you considering it for next year? What was your favorite part and your least favorite part? What did you learn about yourself – physically and mentally?

– jennifer

2 thoughts on “Fence fail & (finally) my CrossFit Open recap

  1. No Crossfit for me (at this time but maybe, one day) but I am about to step out of my physical fitness comfort zone. Keep an eye on Facebook to see how I do. BTW, I absolutely love you positive attitude. It is something for all of us to aspire to!

    • Oooh, I can’t wait to see! I’ll definitely be watching! 🙂 And thanks! I have fun – even when it isn’t fun because it’s so difficult – so that definitely helps. WANTING to do it is key.

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