Just another day at the office with the bomb squad outside….


Can I just tell you how happy I am that it’s Thursday?


I am so ready for the weekend.

We’ve transitioned over to a new case management system at work and this week is the first week using the new software.

(pretty sure I’ve mentioned at work at a Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office in Virginia – if you forgot, that’s where I work and why we use case management systems!)

Luckily, the guys from the company are here for another week and have been walking around, helping out when we need them, fixing things we need changed, etc. We’ve (at least my team) has been adapting pretty well but it’s been a challenging week to say the least.

And then there was yesterday.

I looked out my window around 8:30ish and I saw firetrucks and police cars. Now, that’s not so unusual (there’s ALWAYS a firetruck and an ambulance pulling up to one of the buildings near me and no, it’s not a hospital) but then, I looked down more and discovered the bomb squad was on scene.


Did a quick scan of the internet news and learned that a suspicious package had been discovered in one of the court rooms in the court house DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET!

No, we were not evacuated. No, I don’t know why not.

We watched the activity from our 5th floor window for a bit until one of the squad started donning his bomb suit.

Then, one of my coworkers and I decided we were going outside. I don’t know what we hoped to accomplish – mostly we wanted to watch and see if we could learn anything.


putting on the bomb suit

We spent some time outside after he went in to the court house but no one ever evacuated our building and it was getting warm so we threw caution to the wind and went back inside.

Where we continued to watch from our window perches.

Work? What work? The court house was evacuated so…… 🙂

Then, they brought out the big robot.


The bomb guy had sneaked out of the court house when we weren’t looking so he was suiting up to go back in. And, a couple other guys were putting on vests and helmets.

By this point, we’d learned that an unattended box had been left in one of the court rooms and when they (no, I don’t know who “they” is – I’m just repeating what I heard) tried to x-ray it, they couldn’t tell what was inside. So, the bomb guys needed the robot to figure it out. No, we’re still not evacuated.


By now, though, they’ve taped off an area and our building was INSIDE the taped off area but nope, still not evacuated. WTF?


never did figure out what that white thing was behind the bomb squad truck

Back into the court house they went.

(I apologize for the glare. I was taking pictures through a reflective glass window and the sun was on the court house side of the building.)




They were in there for maybe 20 minutes before they came back out.

As it turns out, as is usually the case in these circumstances, it was nothing. A false alarm.

Which is MUCH better than a boom.

Apparently, a civil attorney brought in some projector equipment he needed for a trial and then, for some reason, left it in the court room and went … who knows where? What was he thinking?!

We seriously did nothing for 3 hours.

Okay, that’s not true. We worked. We just weren’t that productive.

Hey, we were afraid of being blown up! So, of course we had to stand at the windows FACING the building with the “bomb” and watch the activity and take pictures. 🙂

Okay, in all seriousness, we were watching to gauge the reactions of the bomb squad and the police officers. I feel confident that if we were in serious danger, they would have evacuated us. I’m just glad it was a false alarm and no one was hurt.

Talk to me: What’s the most exciting non-work related thing that you’ve had happen while you’re at work?

– jennifer

5 thoughts on “Just another day at the office with the bomb squad outside….

  1. Oh I would not wanna be that civil attorney 🙂
    I’m glad you’re ok and it wasn’t the “boom”.
    The most exciting thing that happened to me at work and was not work related was when 3 guys were handcuffed and spread out on our lawn by the state troopers – right in front of my window 🙂 That was a sight to see!

  2. A couple of years ago while at work in downtown KC, our building (7 floors, nothing big) trembled a little & our power went out twice for a few seconds each time. I thought we experienced a mild earthquake but turned out less than 2 miles north of us, a Plant (can’t remember what they manufactured) had exploded. When we all went outside, black ash was falling from the sky everywhere & we were told to cover our nose & mouth with our shirts. Luckily, nobody died in the explosion! I guess they had pretty fair warning to get out before it happened! I have many stories from working downtown. So much drama going on there!! Someday I’ll tell you about a crazy clown cussing me out. And yes, I mean clown as in Bozo the clown.

    • I think I remember that! The plant, not the clown. I definitely didn’t know about the clown. That’s crazy about the black ash. Thank goodness it wasn’t poisonous!

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