Weekend things – chilling at the Car Show

Hello, hello!

Happy Monday!



You’re probably wondering why this isn’t a “what went down in my kitchen” post, aren’t you?

Well, I didn’t really food prep yesterday – I cupcake prepped.

I made 4 dozen cupcakes (2 varieties) yesterday and am frosting them today. I’ll tell you all about them tomorrow!

They are a “thank you” to the guys who’ve been out here helping us with the transition to our new case management system. Β They’ve really worked hard to help us out and definitely deserve a sweet sendoff. πŸ™‚

Besides, that was all I had the energy for. There may or may not have been copious amounts of wine on Saturday night. #dontjudgeme #thankgoodnesstherearentanypictures

Anyway, before the wine on Saturday, we went to the Virginia Hot Rod & Custom Car Show/barbecue competition.

The weather was kinda grey and overcast and that kept the crowds at bay, which was nice. It did rain a little for about 5 minutes but we were under a tent eating our barbecue so we weren’t bothered by it. πŸ™‚

We’re still going through the photos of the barbecue side but I’ve got some good photos to share of the cars!

There were a bunch of classic cars, hot rods, drag racers, and motorcycles. Thing 2 found her perfect car – a Challenger. I told her to keep dreaming.


Why didn’t anyone make bicycles like this when I was growing up?!


Gotta love a sense of humor. πŸ™‚



A mini mechanic working on an antique mini. #toocute


I didn’t know the Tow Mater was going to be there! I totally would have brought my nephew.



It looks awesome but I can’t imagine it’s comfortable to ride. And, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until MUCH later when I was looking at my pictures, that I realized it was a bicycle.


I don’t even remember what kind of car this was but I just thought the colored connectors were so cool!


We also enjoyed some live entertainment. Β The Blues Brothers jokes were lame, to say the least, but the band was pretty awesome. It was fun though. πŸ™‚


Talk to me: Do you enjoy car shows? Do you prefer the classics or the hot rods?

– jennifer


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