Thursday thoughts – a “day date” recap :)

Hello, hello!

In case you missed it, my birthday was Monday.

You’re welcome for the day off. 😉

Of course, that meant I got to do whatever I wanted all weekend long.

Hell, who am I kidding? That’s how it goes all the time. 😉

So, my sailor and I had a “day date” and we went antiquing!

No, I didn’t force him – don’t even give me that “poor guy” business.

It’s something we actually both enjoy doing.

Anyway, we went to some pretty fancy antique stores!



I can’t even imagine how much that mirror costs – or even WEIGHS! – and I think it’s a little odd that they hung it on the outside of the building but seeing the reflection of the trees was pretty cool.

There’s no way we could have afforded anything in that store, by the way. Seriously, like Beverly Hills prices. We’re used to those antique stores where you find random old stuff crammed into boxes, stuffed under tables, too much stuff to see in one trip, and you have to crawl around parts of the store just to see it all!



There was some really awesome stuff in this store but once I saw this, all I could think about was this…



Baby carriage, circa 1800s. Only about $2000. Sure, why not?

And then, we found our kind of store….



Complete with paper protectors and Ziggy Christmas cards!



Of course, we had to take a sustenance break. #omnomnom


cold stone creamery FTW!


Then, we hit the mother-lode!

I’ve been searching for a butter dish for a while now.

I’m not a fan of the ones you can find in stores now – they’re too predictable and boring – and our dish set was cobbled together from a discontinued set so I could never find one to go with it or even one that spoke to me.

I don’t want boring glass or white or normal. I want fun, classy, interesting!

And I found one!



And then I found another!!!



Now I have one for every day and one for fancy!

I’m so excited!!

By this time, it was dinner and we headed to the 80/20 Burger bar for dinner.

This place is near my CrossFit box (how I heard about it) and the menu looked pretty intriguing so I figured we needed to check it out.

We started with some house fries – garlic, rosemary, and parmesan.



They were decent but really, there was ZERO garlic and do you see any rosemary? Yeah, me neither.

For dinner, I ordered the “Heritage” – a bison burger with caramelized onions, thick cut bacon, and gruyere cheese. I got the herb lemon broccoli as a side to counter those fries. #balance



The most flavorful thing on the plate was the pickle.

I mean, it was good but it was boring.

I’m sorry, how do you make a fancy bacon cheeseburger BORING?!

And the broccoli was just steamed. Maybe a smidge of lemon but definitely no herb.

My sailor’s food was equally as boring.

It’s as if the chef was put on “seasoning restriction.”  So much so that he even had to remove the salty deliciousness from the bacon.

I’m not kidding!

How do you make bacon taste boring?!?!?!?!

But, even with that ending, we had a stellar day. I’m pretty sure we won’t be going back to that restaurant but I KNOW we’ll be heading back to some of those antique stores. There’s still so much more to see!

Talk to me: Do you like antiquing? Do you use a butter dish? Have you ever had a surprisingly boring burger?

– jennifer

5 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts – a “day date” recap :)

    • It’s so much fun! Even my girls enjoy it. You can find some really random things in antique stores. I found a cow bell once. Like it really was worn by a cow!

      I think I had a butter dish like that once upon a time. 🙂

  1. I like watching shows about antiquing, but don’t really get into it myself. I do think it’s really neat. I don’t use a butter dish. I don’t ever bring it to the table anyway. Oh man… that burger was straight disappointing! I LOVE burgers. It’s my favorite food. I have had some really disappointing burgers though. So frustrating…

    • I love burgers too! Especially good ones! Since we move so often, we always have to find that new, favorite place. That place does NOT fit the bill. I was pretty disappointed, actually. I had high hopes for it. Oh well….sometimes the fun is in the looking. 😉

      I grew up having a butter dish. It only cane to the dinner table if we were having rolls or corn on the cob but it was strategically stored in the cabinet above the toaster. Right next to the cinnamon-sugar blend. :
      Mmmm…. 🙂

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