Weekly workout recap – no boot, week 1


Monday was my first official day without the boot – both at work AND at CrossFit!


It felt really nice to wear a PAIR of shoes rather than one shoe and that stupid, but good for me, boot. I can’t wait until I can get back out and run but right now, I’m following doctor’s orders – no running, no jumping, no impact activities.

Which, of course, means I will probably have to modify MOST of my CrossFit workouts but it’s okay. At least I don’t have to stand on a 5lb plate to balance my hips when I’m doing squats! #thestruggle

6pm CrossFit

Monday’s workout was a good one:


I am not yet up to 135# power cleans yet so I modified it down to 75#. In retrospect, I should have bumped it up to 85# but I wasn’t sure how much I could handle. Less is best sometimes, especially when you’re healing an injury.

As for the deficit handstand push-ups, well, I can’t even do regular handstand push-ups so of course I had to modify those. I was very wary of how I would come down from the handstand position so I opted for the bands.

I knew I could control my “dismount” with the bands since my right foot would be wrapped around it forcing me to lead with my left foot. I went with 2 purple bands this time, instead of a green and a purple, (which means less help) and I worked my BUTT off for every single one of those push-ups. I wish I could remember my time. Probably would be good for me to record such things…..


Garage workout

We had the Chief’s pinning – Navy Chief, Navy Pride! – today so I knew I wasn’t going to make CrossFit. I took the whole day off work so I could go to the pinning and the reception afterwards. I also really needed to hit the grocery store since I didn’t have the chance this past weekend. So, I headed out to the garage for an early morning elliptical workout!

It’s my first time on the elliptical since the stress fracture and it felt pretty good! I had no issues with feeling any pressure on my foot. I adjusted the elliptical so I could look out the doors and watch the sun come up while I was working out. It was nice!



6pm CrossFit

We had a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) on the schedule today.


(TTB = toes to bar and DB snatch = dumbbell snatch)

Of course, I couldn’t do the double unders so I modified with rowing. Coach wanted me to do a 30 calorie row but…..after a minute of rowing, and pulling really hard, I was only at 15 calories. So…..I dropped it to a 15 calorie row.

Before you think I was slacking, if I had done the airdyne bike, he only wanted me to bike for 30-45 seconds and he based that on the time it would take people to get their double unders done. So, I figured a minute of fast rowing was a pretty good substitute. He agreed afterwards once he gave it some thought and realized how long a 30 calorie row would actually take.

Anyway, I used a 25# dumbbell for the snatches and propped my right foot on my left ankle for the push-ups until I couldn’t do that anymore and I dropped to my knees. (Doc doesn’t want me planking or doing anything, like regular push-ups, that will put pressure on the joints in my foot.)

I squeaked out 5 complete rounds and 10 TTB. And yes, I made sure to drop onto my left foot when I came off the bar.  🙂



6pm CrossFit

Holy cow, the warm-up was a workout in itself!

Coach had us partner up and grab a wall ball. I partnered with Claire who is nursing a torn ACL. Gimps for the win! 🙂

We were supposed to do 3 rounds of: 200 meter run carrying the wall ball, 10 partner wall ball shots, and 10 partner wall ball situps.

Obviously, Claire and I couldn’t run so we airdyned for 15 calories, then did the wall ball shots and the situps. We used a 14 pound wall ball.

The actual WOD was a killer:


The idea was heavy front squats but not so heavy that you couldn’t string some together.

I opted for 85#.

Probably not my brightest idea ever. That sh*t was HEAVY!

We had to power clean it up and then go into the squats – no friendly racks for us! 60. Squats.

I did box step ups because, obviously, I can’t do box jump overs.

Took me 11:42.

Yes, I felt that on Friday. Oof. #legday


Rest Day

Molly had her comprehensive exam and teeth cleaning scheduled so I dropped her off early and picked her up after work.


She was still a little loopy. 🙂

My legs needed the rest after Thursday’s front squats so I wasn’t sad about the rest.


Garage workout

Man, when I woke up this morning, I really did NOT want to get out of the bed.

But, I did. 🙂


Set my elliptical on 20% incline and did an nice 30 minute workout.


It felt good to stretch my legs out and, of course, I’m glad I got up and got outside.

said no one ever

Talk to me: What did your workouts look like this week? Did you have any motivation issues?

– jennifer

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