Weekly workout recap, aka holy sore muscles, batman!


Happy Saturday!

Had a great week of workouts this week. 🙂

Week 2 without the boot! Whoop!



6pm CrossFit

Man, I knew this workout was going to hurt, especially after the fun we had on Saturday night. I got a good 9 hours of sleep Sunday night but still, I’m too old to party and stay up late. Haha.


We started off with the 10 minute EMOM of 1 clean & 3 shoulder to overheads. Didn’t matter HOW we got the bar over our head (strict press, push press, or push jerk), just that we did. I went with the push press.

I decided on 75# (in retrospect, probably could (should!) have gone with 80#) and got set up. 95# is still my max for power clean but this was a full clean which meant we had to go into a full squat. I actually haven’t tried that at 95# so I don’t know how I would do. I decided on 75# because I didn’t want to overload the bar after taking it easy while my foot was in the boot.

During this part of the workout, I assigned myself the task of “dog-sitter.”


Brian (yes, that’s really his name! Don’t ask me what his dad’s name is though. He’s just the guy who brings Brian to the box.) decided he wanted to chew on his doggy-bags and bag holder and I had to admonish him a few times. His dad was on the other side of the gym and couldn’t see what was going on. Of course you know I had to WOD near the adorable puppy! J

I dropped the weight down to 65# for the WOD because there were so many and thrusters involve a squat each time. Oof. Of course, I can’t do muscle ups so I grabbed a band and worked on my chest-to-bar pull-ups – scaling was 2/1.

I’ll tell you what – I was BEAT after this workout. Getting the 4 and 2 reps of thrusters done was tough work. I finished in 9:15.


Garage workout

Because I’m not really in my right mind, I got up before the sun and headed out to the garage for a turn on my elliptical. 🙂


I know heading out the door for a run is still a few weeks away but I still want to keep up on my cardio, now that the boot is gone. I figure I’ll do a couple doubles a week with elliptical/spin bike workouts in the morning.

My elliptical is ancient (had it since 2007) but it does have some pretty good programmed 30 minute and 45 minute workouts. And, I can adjust the incline! There are 3 settings: 10%, 15%, and 20%. I had it set at 15% this morning.

One of the 30 minute workouts is Target Toning II and that one really focuses on the lower body. There’s a lot of backwards pedaling and squatting involved.

If you’ve never tried squatting while running on the elliptical, you should. Just be prepared to cry a little while you’re doing it. Holy. Hard.

And, I finished before the sun came up! It’s going to be soooo much darker when we “fall back” on November 2nd.


6pm CrossFit

I was so sore from yesterday’s workout by the time I got to CrossFit. I was looking forward to the warm-up just so I could loosen up a little!

Some of finished the warm-up before the class so Coach had us work on skills we didn’t have yet. I went for some kipping swings on the rings as part of muscle up progression. I’m nowhere near a muscle up but I’ll never get there if I don’t try! My kip is really coming along though and that’s a good start!


We started with deadlifts – 3 sets of 10. I warmed up with 85# just to get the blood flowing and then we started putting weight on the bar. I did 115#, 135#, and 155#. Those last few at 155# were tough but I know it’s not my 10 rep max.

Okay, 10 rep max just sounds weird to say. Haha!

For the WOD, we ran out of kettlebells pretty quickly for the kettlebell deadlifts so I went for the 25# dumbbells. The backward lunges (with the weight) were designed to simulate a walking lunge but I was nervous about stepping back with my healing foot. Coach had me do weighted box step ups (one 25# dumbbell, 20-inch box) – alternating step up foot but I stepped down with my left foot each time. I’m still nervous about stepping blindly with that foot – last thing I want is to have to put that boot back on!

For the knees to elbows, I managed a pretty good kipping swing the whole time! I think I may have finally figured it out! The secret is to drive your legs down straight rather than let gravity take them and you end up swinging like you’re a little kid on the monkey bars.

I knocked out 5 rounds and was 5 deadlifts into the 6th round at 8 minutes.


6pm CrossFit

Okay, so overhead squats are my nemesis.

So, doing them before the WOD and as part of the WOD is pretty intimidating.


I have been working on my hip flexibility and mobility so I was pleased that my OHS improved but I stuck with 35# because adding weight made me wonky. Less wonky than before but still wonky. Coach wanted me to work on being less wonky so that’s why I stuck with the lower weight.

For the WOD, I did 35# and did GHD sit-ups as a sub for the box jump overs. GHD sit-ups mimic the explosive movement in the box jump overs without the hard landing on the feet.

I’d like to say I remember my time but…..

Afterwards, I worked with Coach a little bit on technique. I wanted to understand what I looked like when I was doing it right and wrong.  I can only improve with understanding of the movement and the way I approach it. I WILL master overhead squats!!!


Garage workout

I’ll tell you what. I was TIRED heading into Thursday morning.

My wings (lats) hurt and my legs were so very, very tired.

I figured that a turn on the elliptical was probably a good idea just to stretch me out.

I opted for a lighter workout – especially since I knew what was in store for me at CrossFit.


6pm CrossFit

Oh, hello rowing!


Only 6 of us showed up for the 6pm class (bunch of scaredy-cats!!) and, interestingly enough, there were 3 girls and 3 guys. So, we did girls against guys!


Of course, us girls lost but we kicked ass anyway. 🙂

I actually totally enjoyed this workout but that’s because I kinda like rowing.

All those time when I couldn’t run and I turned to rowing = I kick ASS at rowing! 🙂


I had a free day off of work and I took it.

The first thing I did (okay, maybe not exactly the first) was take Eliza to the vet for her immunizations.


She was sick at her last appointment so they just gave her antibiotics and avoided the immunizations. Well, she finished her meds and it was time.

She was less than thrilled.

Then, I went crazy and cleaned the house and garage and fixed things, including dinner.

I was WIPED OUT by the time the day ended.

A full day of manual labor trumps CrossFit any day of the week!

(although, I must admit, I was thanking CrossFit when I was shoving boxes up into the attic in our garage!) 🙂


My plan for today was to elliptical for 45 minutes.

Except, I was physically beat.

So, I just watched the sun rise and called it a rest day. 🙂


Talk to me: What did your week of workouts look like?

– jennifer

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