Thursday Thoughts – Random Rambles


Happy Thursday!

I’ll be honest. I wish it was Friday.

is it friday yet


So, a few things….

Can someone please explain to me why WordPress changed its front page?

First of all, that sidebar used to be on the right.

Secondly, I used to be able to click on my picture up in the right hand corner and go to my blog. Now, I have to click “my sites” and it opens up a new window.

And thirdly (yes, that’s a word), why could I not do a screen shot and copy it into my blog instead of taking a silly picture?



It’s fine. I’ll get used to it.

And, then they’ll change it. Again. *sigh*

Saw this on my way home from CrossFit last night.


Those are definitely the Beatles and that is definitely a Suburban – not a hippy, Beatles sort of mobile.

I wonder what possessed them to paint that?

Clearly, it’s not a professional job.

And, what’s up with the word “TEMPT” on the bumper?

So many unanswered questions.

I generally take my lunch at my desk.

I clock out and blog, mess around on the internet, read, etc.

Why, when I’m eating, do people walk up to my desk and ask me if I’m at lunch?


Nope. The food you see me shoveling into my mouth is a figment of your imagination.

Here’s your sign.

In honor of the upcoming 39th Marine Corp Marathon, here’s a picture of me coming into the finish at my first MCM, back in 2009.


I knew the last .2 was a up a hill but my face is clearly asking “WHYYYYYY???!!!!!”

Okay, one more random thing.

New music! Unless you’ve heard of JJ Grey & the Mofro before. Then, old music. And maybe you can tell me what the Mofro is.

Talk to me: How’s your week going? Got any new music to share? Are you running MCM?

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