Not my normal Monday post – go hug your family!

Hi there.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t do a Weekly Eats post yesterday and I’m not doing a Sunday food prep post today.

Well, I’ll tell you.

I was kinda all over the place with my food last week, what with Thing 2’s oral surgery and all, and didn’t take pictures of all my meals, of which most were random and weird.

Plus, I went up to my folks’ house this weekend.

To help my mom.


My grandmother is not doing very well.


That picture was from Saturday.

This picture was from a month ago – ish.


And this one was from February, when she turned 94.


As you can see, she’s having a rough year.

And my mom is too because she’s caring for her and trying to do it all.

She told me not to come. I think she was trying to “protect” me. Moms tend to do that.

But, she was really happy that I came anyway. Because she needed my help.

(My dad can’t help her either but that’s a whole different conversation. Getting old sucks.)

I don’t normally share such things but it’s all I can think about right now.

It’s hard to see my grandma so frail and fragile and it’s hard to see my mom so stressed.

(Don’t let that smiling picture up there fool you – we put our smiles on for an “us-ie.” Um, that’s a selfie with more than 1 person. 😉

It was also hard to leave them and come home yesterday. But I had to.

We’re at the in-home hospice care stage (just started that this week) and my heart skips a few beats and lands in my stomach every time my phone rings and it’s my mom or my sister.

So, yeah.

Tell your family that you love them and hug them while you still can.

– jennifer

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