Friday favorites – 5 things I’m loving lately

Hi there!

Happy, happy, happy Friday!!!



And Friday means it’s time for me to share some of my favorite!

I’ve got 5 things I’ve been loving lately – some new, some not new.



Can we please talk about this yogurt?

Holy. Cow.

My Harris Teeter stopped carrying my Stonyfield Organic nonfat plain greek yogurt (I literally threw a tantrum in the store when I realized it wasn’t just out of stock) so I’d been eating Chobani nonfat plain.

And then, I tried this. I’ve tried the Fage 0% before but still preferred my Stonyfield Organic. This Total 2% though.

BY FAR the best tasting yogurt I’ve ever eaten.

Smooth, creamy, FULL of flavor. SOLD. It’s my new fave. 🙂



You know how much I love sweet taters and I’m all about the sweet tater chips but a RUFFLED sweet tater chip?!


They have the perfect crunch, will stand up to a dip if you so chose, and are just plain delicious.

Nothing fancy – just sweet taters, a little bit of oil, and sea salt. The only danger is I want to EAT ALL THE CHIPS.



I’m like a kid at the fair with this stuff! Except, this stuff is so much better than what you get in those oversized, strangely shaped bags.

I can be guilty of mindless snacking so I’ve been measuring out a serving – 3 cups. It seems silly but it’s actually the perfect amount. At least that way, I won’t UN-consciously eat the entire bag in one sitting. 🙂



These little cups of yumminess. I love them so.

They come in packs of 6 and I go through at least a pack a week.

I prefer the spicy but they do come in mild. Perfect for snacking with tortilla chips or veggies, perfect for topping leftover chili, perfect for putting on an omelet in the morning, perfect for EVERYTHING!



First time I’ve tried these Applegate Naturals sausages and I must say, I’m impressed.

They have terrific flavor, don’t take any longer to cook than the Al Fresco sausages I was eating, and I can feel better about them because they are made from humanely raised chickens that aren’t fed any strange hormones or antibiotics.

I mean, I’m a red head – I don’t need any more strange hormones coursing through my body. 😉

Plus, I like that they’re frozen – the Al Fresco were refrigerated – so they last longer. I can feel better about buying more when they’re on sale. 🙂

Talk to me: What things have you been loving lately?

– jennifer

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