Weekly workout recap – more boot + tired muscles


Happy first finished week in December!

Can you believe it’s almost 2015? Where did 2014 go?!

It’s been an interesting week for me. And not really interesting fun. More like….interesting odd.

It’s hard to explain but let’s just say I’m glad it’s the weekend and I get a couple days of rest and recuperation.

If you remember, I’m back in the boot but I still made it to CrossFit 4 times this week.

I had actually considered doing the Saturday class but …. yeah. Didn’t happen. Even though I got up at 5:30 this morning. :/

Anyhoo…this week was pretty tough, workout wise. I definitely have some sore and fatigued muscles. Not complaining though. 🙂



I was really kind of looking forward to this workout. The last time we did this (or at least I did this) was the day I hurt my right foot. Haha! Pretty coincidental, I thought.

For some reason, I didn’t record my weight that day. Or, if I did, I have absolutely no idea where I wrote it down because, I can’t find it. That really sucks from a tracking progression standpoint but, in my defense, my foot was pretty sore and I wasn’t in my right mind. Not that I’m ever REALLY in my right mind. 😉

Anyway, Coach had us warm up with oh, I don’t know, a hundred push ups.

Okay, so not really. But, it was A LOT.

Then, we got down to business because it was a big class and benches are a little limited.

I went with 75# and that may have been a little aggressive but … the board did say, “this should be heavy.”

It was.

I failed quite a few of the rounds but only by a rep or two.

Instead of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, my rep scheme for the bench press was 8, 9, 6, 5, 4, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1.

I can’t believe I actually went UP one twice! I was really fighting hard for those.

For the pull-ups, I certainly don’t have that many in a row without the band so I went with the purple band.

By the time I hit round 6, my whole body was wiped and I was fighting for each rep.

It’s all good though. I got them and I definitely got a good workout in.

And, I was happy to have short hair because I knew raising my arms was going to be tough in the morning. Short hair for the win!



My whole upper body was sort from Monday – hell, it even hurt my shoulders when I sneezed! – and the bar felt extra heavy during the front squats.

I didn’t work to actually find my 3 rep max front squat because I can’t put that much weight on my foot, boot or not. So, I stuck with 65# and just got some good reps in. This helps me continue to work on hip mobility and remembering to drive my knees out.

For the WOD, I rowed the run (um, have I ever mentioned how difficult one-legged rowing is?) and did 55# for the front squats. Opted for this weight because of the sheer number of them and I didn’t want to over stress my foot. The weight ended up being a good choice but boy were my legs and arms tired in that last round. Running is so much easier than rowing because there’s no pulling involved. In addition to my legs getting a workout, my arms and shoulders got a workout, too, and, after Monday’s WOD, my whole upper body was pretty smoked.

I apparently forgot to write down my time so I can’t tell you how long this took me. #fail


I finally got in to see the orthopedist to find out what the damage to my foot was!


And, yep, that’s a fracture. A real and complete one. No stress fracture for me this time! Thankfully, it’s not displaced and it should heal quite nicely. It’s also a really excellent thing that I self-treated and put myself back in the boot. From time of injury to time of appointment, it was almost 3 weeks. If I hadn’t had the boot, I’d have been walking around on a fractured foot and probably doing more damage with each step. Well, honestly, I probably would have given up and gone to the emergency room at some point because my foot HURT.

One major concern from having, basically, back to back fractures in my feet is the WHY did this happen? Bone density is a big issue and we’re addressing that because my grandmother had osteoporosis and my mom has recently started taking some bone density medications, too. I’m really too young to start having these kinds of issues so the orthopedist is putting things in motion to see where my bones are at. I had blood work done to check my vitamin D and estrogen levels and all those came back normal (thank goodness!). Next up is the bone density scan on Tuesday. Best case scenario is that comes back normal and this fracture was just an impact injury and an unfortunate coincidence. *fingers crossed*

So, what does one do when she finds out she’s actually fractured a bone in her foot?


to take the stress off….duh 🙂

And, weight bearing exercise is GREAT for bone health.


I obviously didn’t practice my rope climbs during this class. Didn’t want to end up in a double boot. Haha! Actually, I did a few scaled where I was pulling up from the floor but mostly, I just watched everyone else and did some squats and dynamic stretches to keep me loose for the WOD.

We did a Hero WOD today – Randy.



Randy Simmons was an LAPD veteran and Swat Team member who was killed in the line of duty on February 7.

75 power snatches. For time.

Because I’m limited by the boot, I kept my weight pretty low. 75 power snatches are no joke and I wanted to be able to complete the workout without breaking myself even further. The prescribed weight was 55# and I scaled down to 35#.

Yes, that seems light but, it’s 75 of them, and I can’t explode through the hips like I need to because of the boot.

I finished in 9:00.  Afterwards, I felt like I might have been able to do 40-45# but, I know I chose the right weight because I got a good workout, it wasn’t easy, and I’m injured so scaling was imperative.


I rested. YAY!

Well, sort of. I came home from work and cleaned up my house a little and finished putting up the inside Christmas decorations. By the time 8pm rolled around, I was beat. My own little Christmas WOD. haha!


Man, I was so totally not even in the mood.

But, I still went because I knew that it was the right thing for me to do.

said no one ever

I know the picture of the WOD is a little difficult to read. I’m not tall enough to snap the picture straight on and there’s a light right there that reflects off the board. The workout was a 24 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of a 400m run, 12 DB thrusters, 16, KB swings, 20 box jumps.


Did you know that 24 minutes is a really, really, really long time? Especially when you’re doing dumbbell thrusters? After a one-legged row?!

I obviously rowed instead of running. I scaled the DB weights down to 20# (too much full body movement – didn’t want to take the chance of falling over/forward). I used the Rx weight for KB swings since that’s a pretty stationary movement as far as feet go. And, I did box step ups onto an 12″ box leading with my right foot.

I managed 3 complete rounds and got through the row and the DB thrusters on the 4th round.

Those DB thrusters. Ooof.

Talk to me: What did your week of workouts look like?

– jennifer

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