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So, who am I and why am I so hungry?  Well, I’m a runner and I like to run A LOT.


I’m usually in training for something and out running copious amounts of miles through my town.  My sailor, however, will tell  you I’m crazy.  Maybe I am.  I do enjoy running long distances, after all.  🙂  And that totally explains why I am so hungry.  I’ve got to fuel my body, both before and after, to help me cover those miles and remain standing after I’m done.  And boy, oh boy do I like to eat!

Luckily, I also like to cook. And eat. Eating is good. I’m always on the hunt for something delicious and have amassed quite the recipe collection.  One day, I’m going to have to get a room just for my cookbooks.  Seriously. I’ve got them consolidated to one ridiculously small bookshelf and the kitchen table and the island and the counters and the dining room table, etc, etc, etc.  Yes, they’re everywhere!  But, they do make for great reading and I swap them out every now and then so I can get new ideas on what to make my family for mealtime, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Family?  Oh yes.  Besides the aforementioned sailor, I have two kids (Things 1 & 2),


and five (yes, 5!) pets.  3 cats and 2 dogs, to be precise. It’s a zoo!  I should really charge admission.


So, anyway, because I run and work out so much (did I mention I do CrossFit? no? oh, sorry. yes, I’m one of those. And I LOVE it. And I have cool socks.), I try to make sure I eat the good stuff.


No sense in filling my body up with the bad stuff when I’m going to ask so much of it later.  I eat pretty healthy and I force my minions (aka the family) to do the same.  Hey, no judging, it’s good for them!  And, because I’m always on the lookout for good stuff, I usually find new recipes that I can try and, if they’re not “healthy-ish”, I try to adjust that by using different ingredients.  Same idea, different take.  And then, I plan to share!  With you!  Oh, wait, no, I’m not going to be delivering baked goods or lasagnas or casseroles to your door.  Sorry, I’m not in that business.  But, if it’s a good one, I’ll share it and let you know if I changed it up any.  And then, I’ll head back out for a run. Or to deadlift.


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