Friday Favorites (aka my sweet tooth is showing)

Happy, happy Friday!!!

I’ve been a busy, busy bee during this short week! Between work and working out, I’ve had little time for school work so you know what my weekend is going to look like! I should probably take a day off work so I can get ahead on the school work so I’m at the front rather than the back of the week. *sigh*

Hopefully, my schedule will sort itself out once the new box opens. I need to spend less time in my car – I need that time for getting As!  I haven’t heard officially yet but I know they were planning on next week! EEEPP!

I’m also hoping to squeeze in a dinner and a movie date this weekend with my sailor. I’d really like to see “Into the Woods.”  I ❤ Anna Kendrick! Anyone seen it yet?

So, let’s chat about my favorites this week.  I apparently have a major sweet tooth.

Found this little gem at a cute little store we’ve driven past and thought about checking out but never did. Perhaps that was a good thing because I believe I am now addicted to this stuff.

My name is Jennifer (hi, Jennifer) and I’m an addict. I once ate an entire jar of chocolate peanut brittle in one sitting. And I thought long and hard about driving to get more afterwards.


OMG, have you TRIED this cashew milk yet?!?!?!  It kinda has a sweet taste to it – it’s very different from almond milk – and I’ve been LOVING it in my protein smoothies! I also recreated the Overnight Quinoa Oatmeal using the cashew milk (instead of almond) and adding honey and almond butter (I subtracted the brown sugar). Holy. YUM.


I don’t even remember where I found this coffee but it is so good! The caramel and sea salt flavors are so subtle that all you can taste when you drink is really. good. coffee.

I’m usually a light roast girl – medium roast can sometimes upset my poor sensitive tummy – and I don’t often care for flavored coffee (creamer? yes. coffee? not so much.) but this stuff is pretty smooth and light. I’ve heard/read somewhere that you can actually taste the difference between regular coffee beans (ie. Folgers, etc) and organic (usually more expensive and harder to find) coffee. I believe them!

Speaking of coffee, has anyone tried the Bulletproof stuff? I’m intrigued. It’s really expensive though!


Sometimes, I enjoy having a cup of tea in the evening. I have coffee (usually only 1 cup) in the morning, I drink water all day, and then, in the evening, I’m in the mood for something different. And because drinking wine every night probably isn’t the best decision I could make, tea wins! 😉

I recently picked up these two new flavors (new to me, that is) of tea from Celestial Seasonings. I love their Sleepytime Series and their Tension Tamer (that one has catnip in it. for reals.).


hm. I think I’m being stalked.

I wasn’t too sure how much I was going to like the mint flavor (I’m funny about mint – I like it in gum and with chocolate but I wasn’t sure about drinking it) but I’m all about the flavor of vanilla so I figured the Roibos would be an excellent choice! I had a coupon for .75 (or something like that) off 2 so that’s why I grabbed both. And, I’m happy to report that they are both excellent!



yes, this picture is a little blurry. i cannot explain it.

I’ve recently learned chatting on Facebook (hey, have you liked my page yet?!) that I am an inexperienced tea drinker. I need to change that. STAT.  I need to try Yogi tea and something about dragon pearls. I don’t know. I’m intrigued though. Where do I find such teas?

Have a great weekend! 🙂

– jennifer

Friday Favorites

Hi there!

Happy, happy, blissful Friday! 🙂


We don’t have any big plans (I’ll be doing homework – yay) but I’m so ready for the break. I might also do some cleaning on what once was Thing 2’s room. Boy, did that girl leave a mess! Sounds exciting and fun, doesn’t it? Hey, there will also be wine so …. wine = fun. 🙂

Anyway, it’s time for me to share some of my favorite things from this week.


I love kisses! They are perfect little nuggets of chocolate that satisfy my sweet tooth in small quantities. These happen to have come in a box from my sweet, sweet friend, Lena. They’ve been in my lunch box all week. Pretty much my reason for smiling. 🙂


I’m back to wearing 2 shoes!!!  While the boot was definitely necessary for healing, there’s something quite liberating about wearing shoes that match. 😉



I saw this on Pinterest (who doesn’t love Pinterest?!). It originated in this blog post from Wonderfully Women. You should read it. It (both the image and the blog post) really spoke to me. I’m definitely not a complainer but once upon a time, I was.  Remember, I’m an ISTJ? J = judging. Being judgemental can result in complaining. I’m not sure exactly when my mindset changed (okay, probably in 2008 when I started running long distances and my self-esteem started to grow) but I don’t really let too many things get to me these days. Stress is overrated anyway – it’s so much healthier to find the positive in something than to worry and complain about it.

I have realized, though, that some of my friends complain ALL. THE. TIME.  A couple of them have to be the most miserable people on the planet.  Thanks, Facebook, for pointing this out to me! Their complaining is absolutely exhausting!  I shared this image to my own Facebook page in the hopes that they would see it and take the challenge. I don’t know if anyone did but my fingers are crossed. Imagine how much nicer the world would be with less complaining! Plus, thinking smaller than global effects, think of how much nicer your own LIFE would be without the negativity. Try it! It’s just a day. If it doesn’t make you feel better, then, by all means, complain about it. 😉




My sailor rocks. That is all.

Talk to me: What are some of your favorite things from this week? Do you love purses like I love purses?

– jennifer