Wine Wednesday – 2012 Josh Cellars Cabernet


Guess what day it is?!

(and boy oh boy, am I glad about this cuz it’s been quite the Wednesday, indeed!)

wine wednesday

My sailor went on the grocery run with me this past weekend and he spotted this little gem at the Harris Teeter.

I’ve trained him well! 🙂


He’s a big Cab fan so that’s why it caught his eye.

I was totally down with grabbing it because I’ve grabbed a few other wines from Josh Cellars before and haven’t been disappointed at all.

So, we adopted it.


I’ll tell y0u what – this bottle is pretty heavy duty.

Not that wine bottles are flimsy or weak but this one just seems more substantial.

Like the contents really need to be protected.



We certainly weren’t disappointed when we uncorked it and poured it out.

Such a lovely, deep almost inky color!

On the nose, we were greeted with wonderful rich fruit and spicy oak.



The first sip was was delicious, all full of rich fruit, oaky spice, some vanilla and some smoke.

But, it’s not so tannic that it smacks you in the head – it’s subtle, and smooth, and approachable.

And very drinkable.

Very drinkable, indeed. 🙂

We enjoyed this Cab with grilled sausages, bell peppers, and some homemade Dutch Oven bread.

And some front patio time. 🙂




Talk to me: Do you like Cabernet Sauvignon? Do you prefer subtle Cabs or big, powerful, Napa cult cabs? Have you been enjoying the beautiful and slightly cooler summer or are you just patiently waiting for fall?

– jennifer