Grilled bacon-wrapped salmon fillets

Hi there!

It’s Tuesday and I’m back with another food related post! Hooray!

As I mentioned last week, my friend Lena hosts Tasty Tuesday over at her blog ( and I’ve decided that I’m going to join in – every week.



What that means is every Tuesday, you’re guaranteed to get something food related from me.

It may be a recipe like today or I may highlight some other bloggers’ recipes that I want to make (like I did last week) or it may even be about a food product/fresh veggie/piece of fruit I’ve recently discovered and decided I can’t live without.

I actually really like the idea because it gives me a schedule (I’m ALL about a schedule) and it guarantees you’ll at least get one food related post each week (talking to you, Mom). Plus, it’ll get me in the kitchen creating a little more. 🙂

So, I snagged up some frozen, wild-caught salmon fillets at Harris Teeter last week – on sale, thankyouverymuch.

I really prefer to buy the fresh but that stuff isn’t always in the budget. The frozen is still a little expensive but it’s worth a grab when it goes on sale. Especially since it’s wild-caught.

Anywho, I had some and decided it was time too grill it up!


Now, that being said, salmon is not my sailor’s favorite.

He finds out it’s on my menu and suddenly he’s working late, has a tummy ache, needs to deploy, etc.

He cray. Salmon is YUM!

So, I decided I would wrap it in bacon for him. Because he always says that bacon makes everything better.


Two can play that game, mister! Tee hee! 🙂




So, I rubbed the salmon fillets down with some olive oil and seasoned them up with some salt and pepper. Then, I wrapped each in 3 slices of bacon.

I used the skewers to help hold the bacon strips on so they didn’t fall off when I flipped the fillets.

Yes, I’m aware I only used 2 skewers each and there are 3 slices of bacon. I figured I would be okay as long as I was careful. Once one side cooked, the bacon would be cooked, too, and attach to the salmon. That was my Bill Nye science brain working. 🙂



I also made some foil-wrapped taters (Yukon golds) to go along with the salmon. Om nom nom!

(PS – those are super easy, too. Wash and wedge the taters, divide them among the foil squares, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt, pepper, & fresh garlic (if desired), fold them up and toss them on the grill for 25 minutes-ish.)

I flipped the fillets after about 5-6 minutes (more time for a fatter fillet, less for a thinner) and as you can see, the bacon stuck around. Quite literally. Haha!

Oh, and side note, when you’re flipping the fillets, watch out for those skewers. They get kinda hot. Trust me.



One part of my grill was a little hotter than I had planned so the bacon on one was a little crispy. But that’s okay – crispy bacon is good, too! 🙂

The bacon adds a lot of flavor to the salmon – gives it a nice smokey flavor. And, it kinda acts as a buffer from the heat and helps keep the moisture in the fish so, even though the bacon got crispy, it didn’t get overcooked.

The verdict? YUM!

Talk to me: What’s your favorite way to eat bacon – besides with your hands? 🙂