Wine Wednesday – 2012 Bonterra Viognier


Hip, hip hooray, it’s Wine Wednesday!



Rule #17a – wine makes pretty much ANY DAY wonderful! 🙂

Especially when you find a delightful Viognier that pairs perfectly with what you’re serving for dinner!

I had to swing by the grocery store the other night to find a bottle of wine to accompany the Chicken Adobo I was planning on making.

That’s right – I stopped at a grocery store and I didn’t buy any food. Hey, it happens. 🙂

Anyway, I was looking for a Viognier, a Gewürtztraminer, or maybe a Riesling – something that wouldn’t do battle with the vinegar and the garlic in the dish.

(FYI: Viognier is pronounced vee-yo-kneeyay (basically) and Gewürtztraminer is pronounced yummy German wine. Ha! Just kidding. It’s a little more difficult to pronounce. It’s like Guh-VERTS-tra-mee-ner.)



If you remember from my review of the Bonterra Merlot, Bonterra is a winery in California that uses organic grapes.

I enjoyed the Merlot so I figured I would give the Viognier a try – especially since it was $10 off!


Viognier is a white grape that is generally known as the main grape to come out of the Rhône region in France.

Viogniers tend to be dry with loads of delicious fruit flavor, but not spicy like a Gewürtztraminer or sweet(ish) like a Riesling.

It should be chilled down to about 58 degrees for perfect serving temperature.

If you’ve just come home with a bottle and dinner is in 30 minutes, you want to pop that baby in the freezer to help it cool down. Otherwise, keep it in the white wine section of your wine cellar. 🙂


On the nose, this wine will greet you with aromas of citrus, apricot, and some peach.

I swirled and sniffed to my heart’s content! 🙂


Your first taste should give you more peach, some spice, and some nuttiness.

The Bonterra Viognier is a medium-bodied wine meaning it has a lot of fruit flavor, feels a little “chewy” in your mouth (imagine just biting a grape or a section of orange – that’s kind of what “chewy” is like – a fresh, vibrant fruit explosion!), and continues to delight even as you swallow.

Some lighter whites are all fruit explosion on the front (right when you sip) but then are completely boring and lacking when you swallow.

A full-bodied wine would be much “larger” and give you the chewiness long after you swallow. You may even experience some good peppery spice in the back of your throat.

Basically, though, this wine was delicious and I’m totally stocking up the next time it goes on sale!

(did you know that many grocery stores offer multiple bottle discounts?!)

In addition to spicy foods (like Thai or Chinese), you could pair this with lighter cheeses (not cheddar), fish, chicken (no heavy sauces), vegetarian dishes (again, not heavy) or a sunset. 🙂


Talk to me: Have you ever planned a meal around a bottle of wine?

– jennifer