Leg day + hills = owie


Happy Thursday!

Are you enjoying your short week?  Maybe it’s just me but this short week hasn’t been as vicious as most short weeks tend to be. Has yours been good?

So, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that speed work did NOT happen on Tuesday.

I could still barely even walk right from Monday’s workout so sprinting was definitely OUT of the question.

But, I did run.


I even did hills!

It took about 3 miles before I even felt normal.  Not sure I ever really looked normal though.

No comments from the peanut gallery, please. 😉

I was generally okay going up the hills but going down them was a chore.

My booty was not pleased.

And, because it was a lovely day, there were PLENTY of people out in the park to giggle at my lumbering stride when I hit the downhills.


I’m just glad it was nice enough for a t-shirt and shorts!


I am runner, see me sweat

Take THAT, old man winter!

Then, yesterday, I hit the 5:30 pm CrossFit class.

I was so thankful to see that squats and lunges weren’t on the menu. 🙂


But, I figured those burpees were going to be a little tough – what with the squatting down and all that jazz.

I was a little nervous about the power cleans seeing as I hadn’t done a clean in a few months.

Luckily, part of our mobility was stretching and working the muscles needed for those cleans and then practicing them a little.

My hips were a little tight (go figure) and I was a little off-balance at the start but muscle memory took over and I got the movement right.

I did the WOD with 65# and modified the hand stand push-ups to push-ups off the box.

Managed to finish in 11:05 and I only have a small bruise on one collarbone.

And the burpees didn’t break me. 🙂

I really like it at this box so far. Everyone has been really friendly, I feel welcome and comfortable and I’ve like the coach to athlete ratio.

I’m looking forward to growing and improving there.

Tonight’s workout is a tempo run. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly shorts and t-shirt weather today. 😦

Well played, old man. Well played.

Talk to me: Do you think I should take the advice from the Dove Dark Chocolate Promises? 🙂


– jennifer

Balancing work & fitness & life

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

It’s an extra special Wednesday over here! My sailor and I got married on this day 18 years ago!


Awww, weren’t we cute? 😉 We look so young!

We don’t have anything specific planned but you can bet your boots we’re going to drink some excellent wine!

So, as you know, I’m back to work this week and I am totally loving my new job!

I’m in the “training” phase so my work hours are subject to change (maybe) in the future. Right now, I’m getting in between 6:30-6:45 am. That makes a morning tempo run or speedwork session a little difficult. Especially since that stupid gopher saw his stupid shadow and we have 6 more weeks of winter. Brrrr!


So, I’ve switched my running to after work. And that’s great! Except I’m really more of a morning runner. :/

I know, I know….. I need to stop complaining. But, it’s what my body is used to so switching it up is a really big change! So, I went for a run after work yesterday. Because it’s important to me – it’s part of who I am.


I was supposed to do speedwork (4×1000) but just felt like going for a run. It felt great to get out. Thank goodness all the snow got washed away by the rain.

Then, I did 100 burpees. Cuz, you know, I’m hardcore.

Have you been keeping up with your burpees? What number are you on? 😉

Of course, I had to do my #CoreCommit challenge, too. So, that was 100 sit-ups.


By the time I was done, I was totally wiped out!

Honestly, if I hadn’t meal prepped on Sunday, we probably would have eaten cereal for dinner. :/

Oh, fine. Who am I kidding? We totally had pancakes for dinner last night. And they were yummy!

But seriously, meal prep and planning is definitely going to have to become a habit if I stay on the early shift. I’ll be getting back into a CrossFit box soon and with running after work instead of before, I’m not going to be in the mood to create a meal on the fly. So, look for more Sunday meal prep inspiration from me!

Talk to me: How do you balance work, whether inside or outside the home, with your fitness goals & schedule?

It’s interesting to me that I’m encountering a difficult balance at this point. My kids are grown – one’s even out on her own! – and my life is pretty easy. I guess it’s just difficult because I’ve been working out before work for so long. I’d love to get out and run before I head to work but I leave the house at 6. And, I’m not real sure about the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning. Lots of dogs out roaming on their own. I’m not trying to get bit by a dog. Been there, done that. :/

I know my “issues”are much simpler than what many people go through on a daily basis. Health & fitness is important and, all too often, it falls to the side at the expense of carting children around to various activities, family time, etc. I believe all that stuff is super important! I’m lucky that my kids are older. But, when they were younger and my sailor was deploying, that balancing act was really tough. It’s important to make time for YOU – even if it’s just 10 minutes of burpees or whatever. Park far away from the grocery store entrance so you get a walk in. Do something for YOU and your body. Your health will appreciate it. 🙂

– jennifer

It’s Foodie Friday! (and some other stuff, too)

Hi there!

Happy Friday!

I’d love to do the Friday dance but, alas, I cannot.

I have zero energy.

Guess who woke up with a fever and a headache?


Of course that means I must be dying.


I just thought I was tired because I’ve been doing the burpee challenge


and the core challenge


but, I guess not. :/

Looks like my 17-miler isn’t likely to happen tomorrow. *sigh*

I already missed my tempo run yesterday because of the snow.

That’s okay though. It’s still early in my training and I need to feel better. I start a new job on Monday!


I’m a legal assistant (except the position I got hired for isn’t specifically called that) and I’ll be working at one of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s offices (Virginia is a Commonwealth, hence the name instead of “State Attorney’s Office” or “District Attorney’s Office”). I absolutely LOVE this line of work. So gratifying! It feels really good to be a part of the process of putting the bad guys behind bars and helping to keep the communities safer for our children. 🙂

So, anyway, as much as the thought of not running pains me, I know rest is the right thing (although, I’ll still be doing the core challenge and I might work in a burpee or 100) so I’m all set and ready for Monday.



Okay, so now on to the REALLY big news of today –


foodie pen pals

I’ve participated in the Foodie Pen Pals program once before and LOVED it!

Then, we moved and I had to take a break from it. 😦

But, now that we’re settled, I was able to do it again!

It’s really such an awesome program! No, you don’t have to be a blogger to participate so don’t let that stop you from clicking the Foodie Pen Pals logo up there. It’ll take you to Lindsay’s page and give you all the deets. It’s a lot of fun and I really think you should try it! Hey, everybody eats, after all! 🙂

Anyway, this month I was paired up with Monica at Cooking Up Veggies.

She sent me some Really. Awesome. Stuff.

foodie pen pals

Um, yeah. Those Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Ate those immediately. Didn’t share. #sorrynotsorry

And the dark chocolate with espresso beans?

I even ate that for breakfast!

Hey, it had espresso in it. Clearly, it’s a breakfast food.

The beef candy – I’ll admit, the name IS a little strange. I mean “beef” and “candy” don’t seem like they go together – was WAY better than any beef jerky I’ve ever had. So flavorful, rich and delicious! And, it didn’t take an hour just to get one bite! It was soft but still had that jerky texture without being difficult or getting stuck in my teeth. Blech. Worst part about jerky. Beef candy, FTW!

The sour cream and onion zucchini chips were a total surprise to me. I’m not usually a sour cream and onion fan – I can eat a chip or two and then I’m over it – but these were not overwhelming in the least. They were light and crispy and perfectly seasoned. I must go on a hunt to find those around here!

The mini coco-roons also surprised me. I’m not the hugest fan of coconut but these were pretty tasty. I really like that they are small. Perfect little bit sized treats!

Now, let’s talk about that jar of fabulousness.

Monica canned her own orange marmalade.

For real.

And I got a jar!

I LOVE cooking with orange marmalade!

Best. Thing. Ever. 🙂

Talk to me: Do you can your own fruits/vegetables/jams/jellies? I’m totally impressed! What’s your favorite thing to can?

– jennifer