My review of Frigo® Cheese Heads® Light Brand Cheese

Hello, hello!!

Happy Monday, my friends!


So, I was recently contacted by Saputo Cheese USA Inc. with an opportunity to try their new Frigo® Cheese Heads® Light Brand Cheese and, since I love cheese, it totally seemed like a no-brainer!

big bang theory

We can go through some serious cheese sticks in our house, that’s for sure. They are perfect portable snacks any time of the day or additions to a healthy lunch.

light cheese

Saputo Cheese USA Inc. sent me some coupons to purchase their product and, for agreeing to try and review the cheese sticks, they also sent along this totally awesome blender bottle and these really cool Blender Bottle GoStak™ containers. Um, seriously, where have THOSE been all my life?!?!?!




So, armed with coupon, off to the grocery store I went!

Now, I definitely should add that they sent me a KILLER coupon! It was for $6 off a package!! Um, the only problem was, my grocery stores don’t carry $6 packages of cheese sticks!  The closest I could get was $5.29 (um, still a great deal!). 😦  Oh well. I grabbed a small package and went on my merry way.


Hey, it’s cheese, after all. I still wanted to eat it even if I couldn’t use the coupon!

Let me tell you something. I am in LOVE with these cheese sticks. Seriously.

And, they’re only 50 calories a stick!

Um, hello?! A light, healthy snack with only 50 calories that also boasts 7 grams of belly-filling protein?

My momma didn’t raise no fool.

(I may have died a little there from my poor grammar choices in that sentence.)

And, if you’re not the biggest mozzarella fan, they have other options!

Pepper Jack!!!!

Pepper Jack!!!!




I’m definitely going back to the store and grabbing the pepper jack kind. Like, probably on my way home today. Because, you know, you can never have too many cheese sticks.

Pfft. Who am I kidding? I have to stop because I plowed through that whole bag already and I need to restock. I’ll probably buy one of each kind. Don’t judge me. I’m hungry.

Talk to me: What’s your favorite way to eat a cheese stick – do you peel or do you chomp? 

I’m definitely a chomper. I’m usually too hungry to have time to peel. 😉

DISCLAIMER: While Saputo Cheese USA Inc provided me the coupons, blender bottle and stackable cups for trying their product, all opinions are my own. And my opinion is that I love cheese. 🙂 If you would like to learn more about  Frigo® Cheese Heads® products, feel free to visit their website at

– jennifer