Thursdays are now for Thinking Out Loud!

Hello, hello!


So, you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Pssh, like that’s anything new. I often wonder what the heck I’m talking about, too!

Well, this time, it’s your lucky day! I’ll tell you. 🙂

I’ve decided to join in the fun and link up with Amanda’s blog over at Running With Spoons! Here’s what Thinking Out Loud is all about – uh, thinking out loud (duh) without looking like the crazy person wandering the grocery store talking to herself!

Unless, of course, that’s where you do some serious thinking out loud and then, well, you’re on your own. #crazypersonalert

1. Printed/patterned socks

I love printed/patterned socks. I probably shouldn’t. They certainly aren’t fashionable (but, remember when they WERE?!) and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair out in public. But, for some reason, I held on to some. I mean, really, it’s cold (um, hello, unless you live in Hawaii, Miami, or Mexico, you’re probably freezing right now) and we have wood floors. And, I don’t want to put on running socks when I change out of my work/workout gear because those are only for RUNNING and I certainly don’t want to put on boring work appropriate socks and just lounge in them so……

Is it bad that I’m wearing my Christmas socks and it’s not Christmas anymore?


2. Homework

Hoooo boy. It’s been a minute since I’ve had homework.


I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew, too. I’m presently registered for 2 classes and, once my Consortium Agreement is approved, will be registering for another class at a different university (the class I need isn’t offered online at Eastern Michigan). So, I’ll be taking 9 credits.


And still working full time.

Pray for me.

3. Pinterest boards

So, we have an entry way in our house. I mean, everyone pretty much has an entry way but our little foyer is its own little room. We have a Cape Cod and the front door is pushed out a little. Yes, I know that’s a terrible description. Here’s a picture…


see what I mean? Yes? Good. (isn’t my house CUTE?!)

Anywho, we open the front door and we’re in the foyer with a nook and a coat closet and then, there’s another door (glass paned) to get into the house.

*side note – we don’t call this room the foyer. it’s the ‘forbidden room.’ as in, forbidden and off limits to the animals. makes answering the door a much calmer situation without the cats trying to escape or the dogs being nosy. 🙂  it’s also a very cold little room. probably because we keep the inner door closed all the time so it never gets any heat from the house. cold and forbidden.

Well, we want to “warm” it up a little with some paint in the nook and maybe a bench, umbrella stand, some hooks, and a mirror.


But, the closest I’ve gotten to making something happen is taping paint chips to the wall (been there for a couple of months now. still no paint.) and filling up a pinterest board with ideas. I really like that one. Can someone come help me make it reality?

4. Sunsets


I’ll tell you what. I am very very well aware of the fact that I should not be taking pictures while I’m driving but, come on, how could I not?! We have some absolutely gorgeous sunsets over the river. *love* So, there. Now you know. If I share a picture of a sunset (or even a sunrise over the shipyard) and there’s water involved, there’s a 99% chance I took it while I was driving. Please don’t tell on me.

Talk to me: Your turn! Tell me something random. 🙂

– jennifer

Long run, new place & a case of the blahs


Happy Tuesday!

Okay, I’ll be honest. Yesterday I was grouchy (I blame Monday. And winter.)


and today, I’m unmotivated.

Okay, so I was unmotivated yesterday, too.

And the day before that.

I had a 20-miler on the books on Saturday.  I wasn’t planning 20 but figured I could knock out a 15-miler and that would be good.

I met up with a new running group (not that many people there – I don’t know if that’s normal or just because it’s cold) at a whole new place.

We ran at the Noland Trail in Newport News.

The email said the course was pretty challenging and those training for the Shamrock Marathon next month in Virginia Beach might want to consider getting their 18 miles in at a different location. Or breaking up the run into 2 parts (and 2 locations).

That should have been my first clue.

Why wasn’t it?

Anywho, I got up Saturday morning and got ready to go.

I should say that meeting up with new people at a new location makes me REALLY REALLY nervous and I almost didn’t go. Twice.

I got there early (of course) and waited. And made use of the porta-potty. And then waited some more.

Hey, I said I was early.

The group finally showed up and I shivered my way over to them and met a couple of new people. The “leaders” talked a little about the course (for us newbies) and we started off.

Now, this isn’t an “everyone runs together” group. We all ran at our own paces. I am thankful for 2 things – that the course was a well-marked loop so I couldn’t get lost and that there were a couple other people out there running my pace who already knew the course.

I can get lost in my own house sometimes.

Don’t judge me.

I did a loop and paused with some others for a water/gel break.

Then I did another loop.

O. M. G.

Remember that “challenging course” description?


It’s a trail around a lake.  It’s mostly rock/gravel and dirt and wooden foot bridges with a little bit of street and shell covered path thrown in.

Seriously. Shells. Whole new experience right there.

It has hills and turns and corners and trees.

I bet it’s AMAZING to see in the Spring and then in the Fall.

The hills, however, are not your average, every day hills you find in a park.

Oh, no.

These hills have steps.

Enter the part where I wish I had carried my phone with me so I could take some pictures so you could really see what I mean.

Not steps like your front porch or going up to the second floor but graduated steps, big ole railroad ties popping up – and sticking up – in the uphills and downs.


Hey! I found a picture on the all-knowing internet to show you. Technology rocks! 🙂

They’re clearly for drainage and soil erosion prevention purposes (some even have little metal grates in front of them to force water collection) but I think they have another purpose.

To break a runner.

Both figuratively and literally.

In addition to pausing your uphill stride to step either on or over these things, you are forced to jump/hop/skip/fly over them on the downhills.

I tried to skirt around the side of them but that wasn’t possible in all areas.

Needless to say, after 2 loops around that trail (5 mile loops, remember?), my legs were so heavy I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to lift them enough to walk back to my car!

If it had just been the hills, I would have gone again. But those steps did me in.

I caved. And quit.  And went home. For the sake of my legs. And my face.

I knew I was likely to trip if I went around again.

And, because my Garmin decided to not store that run, I don’t even have any physical proof that I ran on Saturday.

So, does that mean it didn’t happen?

And seriously, what’s up the Garmin fail?!

And now, I’m unmotivated.

And cold.

And the thought of running after I get home from work doesn’t entice me at all.

Not even a little.

I have mile repeats today.

It’s presently 29 degrees and feels 18 and we’re under a winter storm watch.


I do not want to go outside and run.

I’ve also fallen off the #CoreCommit Core Power Challenge bus. :/

And, I’m totally slacking on my burpees.

I didn’t even write a single workout last week in my log.


I think I need a little time out.

Is it spring yet?

Talk to me: Are you a seasonal person? Does certain weather affect your moods/motivation/etc? How do you stay on track with your fitness plan/goals?

– jennifer

Weekend fun! and some weekend not fun

Hello! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?


Saturday was pretty frigid over here.


I still ran though.


Cuz, I’m crazy.

The wind was BRUTAL! It literally took my breath away a few times. I definitely need to get a balaclava and some new warmer socks and some new gloves.

I definitely should have doubled up on gloves.

Turns out I was a little close to hypothermia. Had a little trouble touching my left pinky to my left thumb. Did you know about that test? Here are some other ways to identify and treat hypothermia. And I was super duper cold.

So, I showered (not in a super hot shower – didn’t want to burn my cold skin) and put on some warm comfy clothes. Got my coffee ready and I was still shivering so my sailor bundled me up in his gloves and down jacket. Molly hopped on my lap to provide warmth to my legs.


I actually sat like that for probably an hour before I started to feel warm.

I think I discovered my cold weather limit when it comes to running. 🙂

Yesterday was much warmer (thank goodness!) and we went to an RV show.

We have a vintage little camper (a 1971 Shasta!) but we’re looking for something that is more suitable for long distances and also has a bathroom.


Neither of us mind using the bathhouses at the campgrounds but….sometimes it’s nice to have your own place to “go” if the weather isn’t cooperating at that moment. Trust me, it’s a whole lot of NOT FUN to battle with an umbrella, puddles, rain, thunder and lightning for a potty emergency.

Campers have come a long way! We saw a few that we really liked and some that we really didn’t. And, we saw some that were utterly ridiculous.

A luxurious hotel on 4 wheels is NOT camping in our books.  But hey, if that’s what you like and you can afford the 6 figure price tag, then you go. 🙂


So,  did you sign up to do the Core Power Challenge with Ericka?

You know I did!

Today was day #1! Whoop!


planking .. like a BOSS!

I kicked my Monday off with a short run and then got down to challenge bidness. 🙂


You can still sign up – don’t let the fact that it’s already started prevent you. Get on it! You can do it! 🙂

Talk to me: Did you do anything fun this weekend?

– jennifer