Thursday Thoughts – I am what I am

Hello, hello!

So, I totally dreamed about running last week.

I’ve never done that before.

Not even once.

I mean, I’ve had those nightmares where I’m trying to run but it’s like I’m slogging through the thickest mud ever and I can barely move but that’s not the same thing.

This was joyous and free and FUN!


I guess I’ve solved my potential identity crisis – I am DEFINITELY a runner!

(seriously, like I didn’t REALLY know that down deep inside. sheesh.) 😉

In fact, the desire for me to get out the door is pretty overwhelming these days.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to.  The doc says I need to wait and I’m going to wait.


I might even add a couple of extra weeks to the wait just to be safe.

That’s how important it is to me.

I don’t want to run on my foot until it’s ready to be run on.

But, boy oh boy, do I want to run!

I’ve even, and don’t everyone start yelling at me at once, started thinking about what 50k I might want to train for.

*ducks head*

Stop throwing things!  I’m not going to run until I can and then I’ll take it slow! I’m not talking about running a 50k in a couple of months from now.

Maybe Springtime – are there any 50ks (boy, that word looks weird but I refuse to make it ‘s because it’s most definitely not possessive!) in the Spring or are those mostly Fall races?  I’ll have to research! I definitely want to run the one that I can’t next month.

I just can’t imagine my life without running.

It’s been such a big part!

It’s given me so much and I love being outside and seeing the world (or my cute little town, even though there are bears). 🙂




And, I’m definitely going to be doing a CrossFit Endurance training plan once I start back up.

I really enjoy the blend of the two sports.


My running definitely benefits from CrossFit and my CrossFit workouts benefit from my running – hello, endurance! 🙂

I feel a little bit like I have a new lease on life, as silly as that may seem, and I cannot wait (but, I will. patiently, even.) to get back out the door with my running shoes on.


Talk to me: Do you dream about the sport you love? Are you a good patient? Are you patient?

– jennifer

Can you just “like” running?

Hi there!

Happy Thursday!



I had a glorious tempo run this morning!

1 mile warm up, 5 miles at 8:30 pace, and then my cool down.


I love when I nail the pace on my tempo runs – such a confidence booster!

And you just can’t beat the good old “runner’s high.” #endorphins


Have you ever noticed that, when it comes to running, there really isn’t any sort of middle ground of emotion for people?

I mean, you either love it or you hate it.

I was talking to some friends at CrossFit last night (and don’t EVEN get me started on how some CrossFit folks feel about running!) about some upcoming CrossFit events and why I wasn’t participating. I have some really big long runs coming up in the next few weeks and I have to focus on the mileage. That 50k ain’t gonna run itself!

*sidebar* – I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Galloway at FitBloggin’ and was talking with him about training for my first ultra. He asked what kind of training plan I was following and I told him about the hybrid CrossFit Endurance/Run Less Run Faster plan Coach had built for me. His first response? He told me to be careful because he’s heard of a lot of people getting injured doing CrossFit. Not, “sounds like you’re in good hands,” or “wow, that’s an aggressive training plan,” or “yeah, I like the training plans in Run Less Run Faster.”  I was a little disappointed in him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really know anybody who does CrossFit because he would know that wasn’t true. That the negative publicity gets more airtime than the positive. I mean, it’s true, people do get hurt but that’s usually because they’re not scaling appropriately or aren’t being trained properly by a coach who is worth his/her salt.  Rhabdo is not just a CrossFit problem. And besides, people get hurt running, too! All the time! I would like to state though, because I still respect him majorly as a runner, before I started at this new box, I had spoken to one of the coaches at my previous box (the one that closed out of the blue) about running and CrossFit Endurance and he basically spat all over running, touted it as the worst thing ever, etc.  Whatever. I like my happy blend. 🙂 *okay, I’m done*

Anyway, back to the convo with my friends, I mentioned to one (who has done a half-marathon, I might add) that I had a 17-miler on the schedule for this weekend.  I think the conversation went a little like this,

“I’ve got 17 on Saturday. You should come run with me!”


And that was from a couple of other people standing at the table where we were! 😉

Then I hear, “I ran 8 miles once. Only because I was tricked. I was told it was a 2-3 mile course, but, nope. Wasn’t.”

And then the general consensus was that everybody hates running (except me, of course). Even the one who ran a half marathon. On purpose!

I love the responses I get at work when people ask why I’m working later than normal. I tell them, “I ran this morning so I came in a little later.”

What do they say?

“On purpose?!?!” or “Was someone chasing you?!?” or even just plain old, “Why?”



Even the runners that just do it for the fitness despise it.

How can that be? How can they not experience that runner’s high, that glorious moment where the heavens open up and shine their light down upon you and make you feel invincible? How can they not love the freedom and the peace and the joy that comes from covering miles lost in thought or listening to the sounds of nature?

running makes me feel

Is it because running is considered “punishment” in other sports?

I think that’s so unfair. I mean, really. Burpees are SO much like punishment than running.

But seriously, have you ever met anyone who didn’t have a strong opinion about it? Anyone ever say to you, “oh,  hey, yeah, running’s cool. It’s not my favorite but I don’t hate it.”

Nope. Probably not. Because that person doesn’t exist.

Talk to me: How do you feel about running? If you’re a runner, what kind of responses do you get to any sort of running statement you make? Have you ever met someone who just “liked” running? Take his/her picture – I’m pretty sure he/she is an enigma!

– jennifer

The busiest week ever – workout recap


I’m back! I didn’t fall off the face of the earth!

Did you miss me? 🙂

Last week was THE. BUSIEST.WEEK.

I had a training class for work, I bumped up my workout schedule a little, and Thing 2 graduated from high school!


Seriously, I needed to come back to work just for the break! Ha!

So, my 50k training plan officially starts next week  (!) and I bumped up my workouts a little to help get me ready.

Coach has built me a training plan that is a hybrid blend of CrossFit Endurance and the principles in Run Less, Run Faster (which is where I had pulled my BQ training plan from back before I got injured and had to stop).

At least 2 days a week will be doubles – running in the morning (speed work and tempo runs) and CrossFit (strength only on those days, no bodyweight met cons) in the afternoon.

Saturdays will be my long runs. *Note to self, it’s time to buy a camelbak!

Rest days are programmed in – Sundays and quite a few Fridays depending on Saturday’s mileage.

Because I’ve only been focusing on the CrossFit and haven’t really been running, I figured it was probably a good time to start throwing the running back into my schedule and I tossed in a couple of doubles since my schedule with the class actually permitted it!


I didn’t make CrossFit in the afternoon because I wasn’t sure how long the class was going to go. So, I planned a workout out home based on the CrossFit Endurance workout for that day – kettlebell swings and box jumps.

Well, I don’t have kettlebells at home so I did dumbbell swings instead.

4 rounds of 25 dumbell swings (35#) and 25 box jumps (20″).

Holy. Cow.

I finished in 13:00.


I got up to get a short, early morning run in before class. It was awesome! I forgot how much I loved early morning running – the peace, the quiet, the sounds of the birds waking up…. ahhh…



Then, after class, I headed out to CrossFit where I got to do MORE kettlebell swings and box jumps with some rope climbs thrown in for good measure.

Oh yes.

20 minute AMRAP of 3 rope climbs (15′), 15 kb swings (35#) and 15 box jumps (20″).

I was able to get the first set of 15′ rope climbs accomplished without too much of an issue but the others? Not so much. I went at least halfway on all of them, tried to go higher if I could.

I can’t remember how many rounds I finished – 3? Maybe 4?

Holy sore hands and rope burn!


Wednesday morning was another run – just under 3.5 miles at about a 9:00 minute pace (no picture, sorry).

Then, strength day at CrossFit!

5-5-5-5-5 Back Squats!

Then Handstand holds on the wall (3 attempts).

I did 85-95-105-115-125. And then I tried 135 and got one rep. PR!

For the handstand holds, we all started at the same time and we got a minute rest after the last person dropped before we started the next one. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go because I’d only held for 10 seconds before.

My first one was 35 seconds!! The second one was about 30 seconds and the third was 28 seconds. Whoop!


No running this morning as I was back at work trying to catch up on the 3 days I’d missed.

PM CrossFit was 5 rounds of running, wallballs, and ground to overhead.

It was basically 5 rounds (4 minutes each) of a 400m run, 15 wallballs (14#) and 5 ground to overhead (I did 65#).

If you went over the 4 minutes, it became a 20 minute AMRAP.

I got 3 rounds completed within the 4 minute marker but I didn’t make it on round 4. I finished out with a complete 4 rounds and the 5th round run with 4 seconds to spare. Not enough time to even get one wallball.

Wow. What a workout!



I took the day off of work so I could get things ready for the graduation. My folks were coming down and there was TONS to be done – including knock out a morning run. 🙂



I’ll be honest. My legs were BEAT! I certainly wasn’t trying to go fast but I had thought I might go faster. Oh well. I gotterdun and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Saturday and Sunday were rest days – if you want to call running around like a chicken with my head cut off, cooking all day, entertaining, and going to graduation “resting.” 🙂

All worth it.

I’m still working on switching my hours around at work so I’m not sure about the running/doubles this week. I need to get that figured out ASAP because it’s all going down next Monday!

Talk to me: How was your week? How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Father’s Day with family? Did you barbecue?

– jennifer