Wednesday is National Running Day! Don’t miss out on a race deal!

Ladies and Gentleman, tomorrow is National Running Day!. How are you going to celebrate?! You should totally go for a run!


I would go with you but … well, I cannot. But, I’ll be there in spirit! You know what else you should do to celebrate? You should register for a race! There are a TON of deals available to runners tomorrow! Last year on National Running Day, Carla and I signed up to run the Salt Lake City marathon. Seriously, we registered in June 2012 for an April 2013 race. Now, THAT’S planning! And, short of the freezing, miserable, rainy conditions, we actually had a blast and we had plenty of time to purchase plane tickets, reserve the hotel room, and plan our visit.


This year, we’re totally focused in making it to Boston next year – but, if we don’t, looks like we’ll be in Cincinnati for Flying Pig! Woot! So, we’re not going to take part in registering for one of the sponsored races. Which means we won’t be taking up one of YOUR spots! 😉

The Rock ‘n Roll series races are giving a $20 discount to runners who register for a race tomorrow as well as random giveaways! You should definitely check that out here: Rock ‘n Roll National Running Day deals.

US Road Sports is also offering discounted races. This is where Carla and I signed up for Salt Lake City! Their savings vary – $26 off a marathon registration, $13 off a half-marathon registration, $10 off a 10k, $8 off an 8k, $5 off a 5k. See, you don’t have to run a marathon to get a discount! Maybe one of these races is near you! You should check their offers out here: US Road Sports National Running Day deals.

There are probably loads of deals sponsored by your local running gear store or running club. Make sure you check them out! Now, get on out there and run!


– jennifer