March Foodie Pen Pals reveal!


Happy Monday!


I hope you had a great weekend!

We did even though the weather was disagreeable. Rain and wind and cold. It’s the never-ending winter. I think it even snowed in some places – looking at you, Maryland! Blah!

Anyway, today the sun is shining, it’s a little windy but not too bad and Lowe’s has dropped off all the materials for the fence building tomorrow.



AND, it’s Foodie Pen Pal reveal day!!!

foodie pen pals

This month, I was paired up with Michelle from Color In Your Lunch and she sent me some amazing goodies!


If you look closely, you’ll see that the Raspberry Licorice is opened. Thing 2 saw it, grabbed it and ran. It was a battle just to get the wrapper back for the picture!

I had to hide the Cinnamon Apple Crisp Larabar so she wouldn’t steal that one too! I took it to work and had it for an afternoon snack with a clementine. YUM!

Let me tell you a little about those veggie chips. If you come across those in your store, grab them. Grab them ALL.

Then send them to me. 🙂

Okay, fine. Don’t send them to me. You can have them. You will LOVE them. So good!

We haven’t tried the Palak Paneer yet but I have big plans for it later this week. I love Indian food and we definitely love curry so I’m really excited!  I’ve never had Palak Paneer before but I just know we’re going to love it.

If you ever come across a jar of spicy citrus marmalade, you should definitely grab that too. Use it for baking – I’m thinking chicken or pork chops here – or, treat it like a chutney and spread it on some crackers and serve with some goat cheese or something like that. You’ll be all fancy pants if you do that!

I haven’t yet tried the tea but I must admit that I am intrigued.  Aloe vera with cactus.  Has anyone tried it before? I’m imagining a fresh, slightly sweet taste. What do you think?

Talk to me: Do you prefer cold or hot tea? Sweet or unsweet? If sweet, do you sweeten with honey or sugar or what? Do you add lemon? What about whiskey? 😉

– jennifer

It’s Foodie Friday! (and some other stuff, too)

Hi there!

Happy Friday!

I’d love to do the Friday dance but, alas, I cannot.

I have zero energy.

Guess who woke up with a fever and a headache?


Of course that means I must be dying.


I just thought I was tired because I’ve been doing the burpee challenge


and the core challenge


but, I guess not. :/

Looks like my 17-miler isn’t likely to happen tomorrow. *sigh*

I already missed my tempo run yesterday because of the snow.

That’s okay though. It’s still early in my training and I need to feel better. I start a new job on Monday!


I’m a legal assistant (except the position I got hired for isn’t specifically called that) and I’ll be working at one of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s offices (Virginia is a Commonwealth, hence the name instead of “State Attorney’s Office” or “District Attorney’s Office”). I absolutely LOVE this line of work. So gratifying! It feels really good to be a part of the process of putting the bad guys behind bars and helping to keep the communities safer for our children. 🙂

So, anyway, as much as the thought of not running pains me, I know rest is the right thing (although, I’ll still be doing the core challenge and I might work in a burpee or 100) so I’m all set and ready for Monday.



Okay, so now on to the REALLY big news of today –


foodie pen pals

I’ve participated in the Foodie Pen Pals program once before and LOVED it!

Then, we moved and I had to take a break from it. 😦

But, now that we’re settled, I was able to do it again!

It’s really such an awesome program! No, you don’t have to be a blogger to participate so don’t let that stop you from clicking the Foodie Pen Pals logo up there. It’ll take you to Lindsay’s page and give you all the deets. It’s a lot of fun and I really think you should try it! Hey, everybody eats, after all! 🙂

Anyway, this month I was paired up with Monica at Cooking Up Veggies.

She sent me some Really. Awesome. Stuff.

foodie pen pals

Um, yeah. Those Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Ate those immediately. Didn’t share. #sorrynotsorry

And the dark chocolate with espresso beans?

I even ate that for breakfast!

Hey, it had espresso in it. Clearly, it’s a breakfast food.

The beef candy – I’ll admit, the name IS a little strange. I mean “beef” and “candy” don’t seem like they go together – was WAY better than any beef jerky I’ve ever had. So flavorful, rich and delicious! And, it didn’t take an hour just to get one bite! It was soft but still had that jerky texture without being difficult or getting stuck in my teeth. Blech. Worst part about jerky. Beef candy, FTW!

The sour cream and onion zucchini chips were a total surprise to me. I’m not usually a sour cream and onion fan – I can eat a chip or two and then I’m over it – but these were not overwhelming in the least. They were light and crispy and perfectly seasoned. I must go on a hunt to find those around here!

The mini coco-roons also surprised me. I’m not the hugest fan of coconut but these were pretty tasty. I really like that they are small. Perfect little bit sized treats!

Now, let’s talk about that jar of fabulousness.

Monica canned her own orange marmalade.

For real.

And I got a jar!

I LOVE cooking with orange marmalade!

Best. Thing. Ever. 🙂

Talk to me: Do you can your own fruits/vegetables/jams/jellies? I’m totally impressed! What’s your favorite thing to can?

– jennifer

Foodie Friday with a guest blogger and some goodies!

Hello, hello!

Holy cow, what a week!

Oh, and clearly, I survived the dentist yesterday.


I had to have a root canal. Not my idea of a good time.

BUT! My tooth no longer hurts!!

And, it really wasn’t as awful as I had expected it to be.

But, I digress.

Not only is today Friday, it’s Foodie Friday!

What the heck is Foodie Friday?

I’m glad you asked!

Every month, Lindsay over at does Foodie Pen Pals.

foodie pen pals

Lindsay’s been running Foodie Pen Pals for 2 years now and helping people to meet through food!

The best part?  You don’t have to be a blogger to participate!

Basically, you sign up each month and then you get randomly paired with 2 pen pals.

One you send stuff TO and one you receive stuff FROM.

So, you’ve just made two new friends!

And, if they’re bloggers, you get to check out a cool new blog you may not have known was out there!

And, if they’re readers, and YOU’RE a blogger, maybe you just got a new reader who will share your blog friends!

And, everyone gets FOOD!

It’s completely a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it.

So, I was paired with both a reader AND a blogger for August.

My pen pal to send stuff to was Icie, a reader from Mount Vernon, WA.

That’s a looooong way from Florida!

(and, honestly, I thought there was only one Mount Vernon – you know, George Washington’s place? Huh. Learn something new every day!)

Anywho, I packed up some stuff and sent it traveling across the states to my new pal and here’s what she had to say about that.

Everyone, meet Icie – my guest blogger today!


Foodie Penpal

For the month of August, I received a very thoughtful foodie box all the way from Florida.  Enclosed was a big jar of peach preserves from the J.W. Renfroe Pecan Company in Pensacola, Florida. My husband is addicted to this juice sweetened (not granulated sugar added) spread. We add the preserves to our Greek yogurt to enhance its delicious flavor.

The other incredible item I received was Kinloch Pecan Oil. I had no idea how healthy pecan oil is compared to other oil types. So far, I have made pecan viniagrette and a pecan pesto with pasta dish – both, completely amazing! If you have never tried pecan oil – try it! Next on my list is pecan hummus.

To top everything off, Jennifer sent me homemade Blueberry-Pecan Scones, with a personalized recipe card. I felt so spoiled; it has been wonderful to be a part of the Foodie Penpal adventure!


Thanks, Icie!  I really had so much fun putting that box together for her!

I felt like a little kid who had just picked up the perfect gift for her friend and couldn’t wait to see the reaction when she opened it.

Okay, the truth’s out – I’m just a big little kid.

Now, let’s talk about the goodies I received from my other pen pal, Lena over at

You should definitely check her blog out and follow her fitness journey! She works really hard and makes some really yummy food.

Seriously, I’ve drooled on my keyboard looking at some of her recipes.  It was kinda messy.

Lena sent me an amazing box full of yummy goodness!


Um, yeah, the gingersnap cookies? Those lasted like 2 minutes.

No, I didn’t share.

She also included a handwritten note and a copy of her favorite recipe for Delicata Squash with Orzo!  Oh, it looks amazing and I can’t wait to make it!

So, I’ve totally been noshing on those Seedlander Crispbreads for snacks with some Laughing Cow spreadable cheese and either fruit or veggies.  Those crispbreads have like 4 grams of protein in each one!  I’ve never seen a cracker with that much protein. Amazing!

The linguine and quinoa?  Oh yes.


As you can tell, we really really really like those little baby peppers. 🙂

Om. Nom. Nom.

The beef and burger rub is totally happening this weekend. Hello, Labor Day BBQ!

The tea immediately came to work with me.  It’s such a pleasure to have a cup in the afternoon when I need that moment of “ah” and “relaxation” – you know, when I’m trying not to fall asleep at my desk because I get up so stinking early? I love tea. It’s warm and comforting and relaxing.  And hot.  So, no sleeping while you’re drinking it!  Or while on the job, for that matter!

So, folks, definitely make your way over to Lindsay’s blog and check out the Foodie Pen Pals program.  I promise that it’s as much fun as it sounds!

Happy Friday!!!


1. Have you eaten anything interesting or tried anything new lately? Share!

2. Have you signed up yet for September Food Pen Pals? Go on – do it! 

– jennifer