Spreading the (link) love

Hi there!

First things first (otherwise they wouldn’t be first!), this was supposed to have been posted yesterday.

But, I’m a procrastinator (procrastinate (verb): to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.) was out Christmas shopping and it didn’t happen.

I also had to take Thing 2 to urgent care because she tried to slice off her fingertip. *sigh* A mother’s work is never done.


Okay, so I didn’t HAVE to take her to urgent care.  Well, I mean, she definitely needed to go but she totally could have taken herself because she’s old enough (and moved out!) but I got to play mom and I wasn’t complaining one little bit! 🙂

And, because I was so busy, I didn’t food prep either.

Okay, I actually didn’t even plan on food prepping because I only have to work 2 days this week and I’ll be doing all the pre-Christmas dinner cooking on Wednesday anyway.

So, maybe it’s perfect that I didn’t post this yesterday as planned. Gives me something to post today. 🙂

And now, without further ado, yesterday’s unpublished post…..


You guys probably don’t even realize how many blogs I actually read.

Seriously, sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to get all my reading done. I mean, that whole work business really gets in the way. 🙂

Anyway, I figured it was about time I started sharing some of what I’ve read. I mean, it’s pretty selfish of me to keep it all to myself. It is the season of giving, after all. 😉

So, from now on, every Sunday, I’ll be spreading the link love. Enjoy!

For Your Tummy

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For Your Body

Why Time is Screwing Up Your Workout – Lifting Revolution.com

Move Better With the Push-Up Plus – Hello to Fit

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Winter Running Guide: How to Run Faster by Spring – Life by Daily Burn

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For Life

This Is the Brutally Honest Body Image Lesson That Should Be Taught in School – Greatist

Sharing my Story – Breastfeeding is Hard – The Lean Green Bean

10 Ways to Relieve Stress During the Holidays! (Time for Yourself!) – Hungry Hobby

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For Blogging

Household Items to Improve Your Food Photography – Healthy Seasonal Recipes

How to Make Money Blogging – Create a Stellar Media Kit – OK Social Media

Back to Blog School: 10 Facebook Tips for Bloggers – Poofy Cheeks

Talk to me: What have you read lately?

– jennifer