“Fran” + tire flipping = a great Monday!

Hello, hello!

Happy Monday!


I was ridiculously excited to see the WOD this morning. Fran! AND some tire flipping!! I haven’t had the opportunity to flip tires yet!

Oh. Too many exclamation points? Sorry. Go have some more coffee. 🙂

So, of course I had to rock the pink polka dot headband.


I mean, for Fran. Us girls gotta represent. 🙂


We also worked on strict pull ups. I am SO CLOSE! Soon, I will get one! And then two, and three…. 🙂


We all got set up for Fran. Then, it was time!

I Rx’d the weight on the thrusters (!) and used the blue band (!) for the pull ups. Finished in 8:29. Woot!

And then, we flipped tires.

Because, you know, we didn’t just work our butts off.


So. Very. Hard. And so much fun!!

Yes, my idea of fun is weird.

I also had my appointment with the orthopedist today. FINALLY!

And, she’s a runner so she totally understands and wants to help me get better!  She did a lot of tests and we reviewed the X-Rays taken at the beginning of the month and there are no signs of a stress fracture. In fact, my bones look pretty good, if you ask me. 🙂

She thinks it’s femoroacetabular impingement. Yeah, try and say THAT 3 times fast!  I’ve healed a great deal since May.

And, she cleared me to get back to running!


Of course, I have to start out slowly.  I certainly won’t be heading back out to the track for a sprint workout any time soon and I’ve got to rebuild my mileage little by little. BUT I GET TO RUN!

And, that makes this runner very, very happy!

– jennifer