Five on Friday – the funny edition!

Hip hip hooray!

It’s FRIDAY!!!



I am SO ready for the weekend!

We have lots planned – volunteer activities, some farmer’s market shopping, some cleaning (exciting, no?), some grilling, and some wine drinking! WHOOP!

You know what else is awesome about the weekend?

The Sunday Comics.

Do you get your local newspaper?

I have a subscription for Wednesday (grocery store sale circular day), Saturday, and Sunday (coupons & comics – what more could you ask for?!).

I really need to call and upgrade to the full week because I miss out on so much with regard to my favorite comic strips! #priorities

My grandmother calls them the funnies.  And, most of the time, they are!

There are some I don’t find funny, though –  looking at you, Rex Morgan, MD, Judge Parker, and Mary Worth.

As the times have changed and the newspaper budget has gone down – thank you Al Gore and your little Internet invention – many comic strips have been cut out of newspapers. Most of them are still available to read online but it’s not the same.

There’s nothing quite like grabbing the Sunday paper, pulling it out of its plastic wrapping, flopping (or thudding, depending on the amount of sales flyers) it down on the table and being the first one to pull out the Comics section. It’s like winning the lottery except with less money and more colors than green on your fingers. 🙂

So, in no particular order, here are my favorites. What are yours?

Calvin & Hobbes


Bill Watterson is a genius. What more can be said about a child and his imaginary/stuffed best friend learning about life? It was a sad day indeed when, in 1995, the strip stopped. Almost akin to the day the music died.

Get Fuzzy


Bucky, the ridiculous, evil cat who wants what he wants when he wants it and on his terms and Satchel, the expectant dumb dog who’s eager to please. Yeah, that’s normal life if pets could talk. 🙂

Pearls Before Swine

pearls before swine

What can I say? Puns crack me up.

Red and Rover

red and rover

Well, I never professed to NOT be a sucker for puppy dogs. 🙂



Yeah, this is totally going to be my life in the future

Baby Blues

Yes, I know, I know! This makes 6! But, it’s Baby Blues!!


That exact scenario may or may not have happened when the Things were little.

Talk to me: Do you get the newspaper? Do you actually READ it or do you just get it for the coupons? What sales flyers do you not even bother to look at?

– jennifer