Track(less) Tuesday & a winter storm, maybe.

Hi there!

So, I’m totally sitting here by the window waiting for it to snow.


Except, it’s 44 degrees and sunny outside.

Generally, in my opinion, that’s not snow weather.

Even if we don’t get any snow, it’s definitely going to get cold so I stocked up on firewood.


And, I just learned that this storm has a name?! Janus. And apparently, he’s a mean one.

Again, it’s 44 degrees and sunny.  Hm.

Are you affected by Janus?

Can I have some snow?

Just a little. I’m not really in the mood to shovel but an inch or two would be nice. And so pretty! I mean, we’ve been living in Florida. The panhandle definitely gets cold during the winter but snow? Um, no. It’s nice to be back in an area where snow is a possibility. I kinda love it.



So, anywho, I had some speed work on my calendar today.

800 meter repeats in 3:37 each.

I figured out my Garmin (really, it was SO easy that I feel really ridiculous for waiting 3 years to do it. really, I’m not resistant to change!) and set my lap to 1/4 mile.

I would prefer to do these at the track but I neglected to call the school and find out if their track is open to the public and what the hours are. So, I ran my 800s in my neighborhood.

The original workout called for a 2 minute rest interval between each but, that was too much for me to figure out and I certainly wasn’t going to wear 2 (!) watches – one for time and one for distance. So, I dropped back and punted and came up with a 1/4-mile rest interval.

Hey, my watch dinged every 1/4-mile so it made sense! I just did what my watch told me to. It was like I had my own personal coach! 🙂

I warmed up with a mile, did 4×800 with 400 rest intervals and finished with just over a mile cool down. Hey, I had to get back home!


That last 800 darn near kicked my butt! I really had to push myself. Thank goodness there were only 4 this time!

I ended up doing 3 loops around my ‘hood so, if any of my neighbors were watching, I’m pretty sure they think I’m bonkers.

That’s fine.

According to the totally bizarre dream I had last night, I am.

Don’t judge me.

Talk to me: When was the last time you made a snowman? Or a snow angel? Or a snow fort?

– jennifer