Weekend fun! and some weekend not fun

Hello! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?


Saturday was pretty frigid over here.


I still ran though.


Cuz, I’m crazy.

The wind was BRUTAL! It literally took my breath away a few times. I definitely need to get a balaclava and some new warmer socks and some new gloves.

I definitely should have doubled up on gloves.

Turns out I was a little close to hypothermia. Had a little trouble touching my left pinky to my left thumb. Did you know about that test? Here are some other ways to identify and treat hypothermia. And I was super duper cold.

So, I showered (not in a super hot shower – didn’t want to burn my cold skin) and put on some warm comfy clothes. Got my coffee ready and I was still shivering so my sailor bundled me up in his gloves and down jacket. Molly hopped on my lap to provide warmth to my legs.


I actually sat like that for probably an hour before I started to feel warm.

I think I discovered my cold weather limit when it comes to running. 🙂

Yesterday was much warmer (thank goodness!) and we went to an RV show.

We have a vintage little camper (a 1971 Shasta!) but we’re looking for something that is more suitable for long distances and also has a bathroom.


Neither of us mind using the bathhouses at the campgrounds but….sometimes it’s nice to have your own place to “go” if the weather isn’t cooperating at that moment. Trust me, it’s a whole lot of NOT FUN to battle with an umbrella, puddles, rain, thunder and lightning for a potty emergency.

Campers have come a long way! We saw a few that we really liked and some that we really didn’t. And, we saw some that were utterly ridiculous.

A luxurious hotel on 4 wheels is NOT camping in our books.  But hey, if that’s what you like and you can afford the 6 figure price tag, then you go. 🙂


So,  did you sign up to do the Core Power Challenge with Ericka?

You know I did!

Today was day #1! Whoop!


planking .. like a BOSS!

I kicked my Monday off with a short run and then got down to challenge bidness. 🙂


You can still sign up – don’t let the fact that it’s already started prevent you. Get on it! You can do it! 🙂

Talk to me: Did you do anything fun this weekend?

– jennifer

I didn’t need that part of my hands anyway

Hello, hello!

How is everyone this fine day?

I learned how to do Kipping Pull Ups today!!!

What’s a kipping pull up, you ask?

As you know, I’ve been working on my strict pull ups – that’s just a plain, old-fashioned pull up – and I’ve finally been able to do them.  I can ALMOST string 2 together and I can definitely drop off the bar and jump back up and do another one.  Being able to do a pull up is pretty important but understanding the kipping motion really helps, especially if your workout has a lot of them in it.

Like today’s.


Oh, I was excited about it!

Because I’m crazy.  I know.

Okay, not so excited about overhead lunges with the 25# plate because those are tiring but I was so happy that the skillset was learning how to kip.

Coach Tracy said and did something that really resonated with me and I think made all the difference.  I’ve been working on the kip for a while, practicing on my own, but I couldn’t quite get it.  My kip would get a little wonky.  Wonky kips are bad.  I’m not a monkey – I don’t need to be swinging on the bar like I am one!

Anyway, she reminded us that at the top, you need to push off – essentially like a push-up off the bar to help you keep that motion in your shoulders.  It was like a light bulb went on over my head!

So, I practiced the kipping motion for a few and then, since I can totally do a pull up now, I did a strict pull up and then pushed off and promptly started kipping!  I think I strung together like 5 that first time! It was all I could do to keep going!  I totally wanted to drop down and jump up and down and hoot and holler but people were watching me and I didn’t want to stop!  Woot!

So, I grabbed a band for the WOD and had it up there for just in case (I mean, really, 8 minutes is a LOOOONG time, especially after doing a 2 minute workout and then a 4 minute workout!) but I planned on doing the WOD without the band.  A FIRST FOR ME!!!

And, I did it!!

Okay, I used the band for a few in my final round because….well…..



Remember those awesome purple gloves I bought?



I wasn’t wearing them.


So what if washing my hands makes me cry?


No pain, no gain, right?

No, I won’t forget my gloves.

Ever again.

Oh, and then I went for a nice 2 mile run.  You know, to forget my pain.

It was lovely.  I love running. 🙂


1. Do you wear workout gloves or do you tape your hands for workouts?

2. Do you have an irrational phobia of the dentist?  I have a toothache and really need to go have it checked out but even the thought of calling for an appointment stresses me out. A LOT. Yes, I called but I felt like I wanted to cry the whole time I was scheduling my appointment. I’m going on Thursday and I’m really nervous. And, all they’re going to do is an exam and xrays to see what’s going on! My stomach is a big, fluttery mess! Do you get like that with the dentist? Or doctors, in general?

– jennifer