Holy sore muscles! – a workout recap and thoughts about pumpkins

Thank. Goodness. It’s. Friday.

I mean, seriously.

I’m not sure how I survived this week.



I resorted to candy.


Sometimes, a girl just needs chocolate to survive.

These pumpkins, however, are the bane of my existence.


Halloween is the WORST time of year for me.

I can survive Easter pretty safely, I’m not big into a lot of Christmas-type candy, but the minute the ghosts, goblins, and skeletons start hitting the store, I’m in trouble.  The pumpkins literally call my name.  And, clearly, resistance is futile.

The good news is the bag will be gone soon.  I have the tendency to eat them until my teeth hurt and then, because I’m smart, I’ll keep eating them.   I had about 10 of them last night for dessert.  After my dinner of a bowl of cereal.

I’m not proud of these moments in my life.

Oh well.  Everybody’s gotta have something, right? 🙂

Aaaand, moving on…..

It’s Time for a Weekly Workout Roundup! (said in Kramer’s “Movie Phone” voice)

So, I’ll just give you the trailers highlights.



A chipper.

Why is called a chipper?  I have no idea.  It certainly didn’t make me very CHIPPER to see 65# snatches on there!

But, the good news is, I DID THEM!!!  Ahem, that’s a PR for me. 🙂


I was slow as dirt but I did all of them and finished the WOD in a respectable time.  Don’t ask me what it was because I can’t remember.


Rest day.  Remember?  Monday Night Football.


Seriously,  “50 burpees FOR TIME” as a skillset?  Um, yeah, that took me about 5 1/2 minutes.  Good grief.

The actual WOD was fun though.  Kind of an “active recovery” day that just kept your heart rate up.


Holy mother of God, Thursday.

I Rx’d this WOD.

Seriously, did you hear what I just said?  I Rx’d it.

That means I did 72 back squats at 95#.



I decided I needed a run.  A “recovery” run.  I needed to get the lead out of my legs.  My legs are BEAT from yesterday.  So, I ran.


Questions:  What holiday is the worst for your waistline?

– jennifer