BIG news and some weekend shenanigans!

Hello, hello!

First things first – I have BIG NEWS!!!!

I found out on Friday that I’ve been selected as one of the new FitFluential Ambassadors!!!


I’m so excited!!! I got the email while I was still at work and I totally let out a Whoop! and did a happy dance at my desk. EEEPPP!!!

Okay, back to calm….. 😉

Normally, I’d be telling you Sunday food prep stories today but I’m mixing it up a little!

Cuz I didn’t food prep.

I wasn’t home to.

I went to visit my G-ma. 🙂


one day, I will learn to take a decent selfie. :/

She’s 94 (and a half!) and most definitely the coolest lady on the planet.

She lives with my folks a couple hours north of me and I try to get up there whenever I can. Travelling wears her out and my folks are pretty busy so it’s easier for me to go to her.

We talk, we share stories, sometimes we just sit in silence – it’s all good. Being near her makes me happy. I especially love kissing the top of her head. Her hair is so soft!

While I’m there, I get to cuddle with these two love bugs! #bonus


Another bonus about going “home” (I still think of that as home even though I haven’t lived there in 25 years and it’s not really home – home is where my sailor is.) is that they have a Potbelly Sandwich Shop nearby!

The last time I had a Potbelly sandwich was last year when we went to Chicago for Thing 1’s boot camp graduation!

So, don’t you go judging me for that dozen bag of cookies. I was WAY overdue for one of their cookies.


Besides, I actually only ate one (even though they’re like CRACK) because I got them for G-ma since she didn’t go with us.

The Potbelly’s happens to be pretty much next door to the Wegmans, which I don’t have near me either.

One is scheduled to open in Norfolk in 2015, though!

I love going to Wegmans!  I can find things there that I can’t find down here. Mom always tells me she’d be happy to send me a care package if I tell her what I want. 🙂


Good gravy, I love that pecan butter!!! And, even though I recently found Chia Bars down here, I had to grab some anyway. The apple cinnamon flavor is the bomb!

Now, those Epic bars. I’ve never tried them before – actually never seen them before either – but they sounded interesting. There was this guy in that aisle browsing other bars, etc and he told me he’s tried them and they’re not bad. He said he prefers the lamb but, yeah, I’m not trying that one.

(and don’t sit there judging me for not eating lamb because of Lambchop and cute lambs but still eating meat – I know where beef and bison and chicken and bacon come from, I just try not to think about it. Otherwise I’d never eat. :/)

Anyway, he said they’re not tough like jerky and they kinda have a granola bar texture/consistency to them.

I was going to try them anyway but it was nice to get someone else’s opinion, too. 🙂

Then, we got back to Mom’s house and, after a bit, I went to grab something out of my purse and I discovered these!


First of all, I am a SLAVE to the mellowcreme pumpkin. I both dread and love halloween because of those pumpkins. I will eat them until my teeth hurt and then I will eat more. I cannot help myself.

So, I had seen these in the store and purposefully avoided them.

Imagine my surprise when I found this container in my purse!

The first thing I thought was, “OMG, did I steal these?! I didn’t even TOUCH them!!!”

Maybe I had an out-of-body experience and stuffed a container in my purse?

Or…..maybe Thing 2 and her boyfriend (who came along with me) had bought a container and sneaked it in my purse when I wasn’t looking.

Ha! Got a pretty good laugh about that.

But, now I’m stuck with a full container of those silly pumpkins and they are just DEMANDING to be eaten.

My teeth will probably fall out.


What?! Can’t remember the last time I saw gas for less than $3.00/gallon!!!

Talk to me: What did you do this weekend? What holiday food do you secretly love and count the days until you can eat it all up dread?

– jennifer

Savannah: a brief recap and I met Arian Foster!!!

Hello, hello!

Holy cow, what a weekend!


I’m got back from FitBloggin’ yesterday afternoon and, even though I had stopped driving, my brain still wanted to go 70 mph.

I learned so much stuff! I have so many ideas!

Honestly, I’m a little overwhelmed by it all!

It’ll probably take me a full week to sort out all my thoughts and review all the notes I took before I can really recap it.

The drive to Savannah took me about 7 hours and was actually pretty decent.

Except for South Carolina. What’s up with that, anyway?

I’m sure South Carolina is a lovely state. I mean, people go there for beaches and stuff, right? No one would go to an ugly beach, right?

They even have really fancy “hey, you’re entering South Carolina” signs.


But, honestly, that 200 mile stretch of I-95 was just plain old ugly and boring.

I thought maybe it was just the fact that I first drove through it after lunch and it was warm and I was just tired.

Nope, sucked equally on the way back and I was driving through it in the morning.

The best part of South Carolina? (besides leaving it…..)


This sign:




Anyway, at FitBloggin, I finally met up with Lena!!!!

She’s totally awesome and I love that we’ve become friends through blogging! 🙂


We had a great time, both inside at the sessions and outside checking out Savannah. We had some time built in to the day where we could get out and explore and eat, etc.

It was a nice break and Savannah didn’t disappoint.


view from the hotel. Uh-May-Zing.


Savannah is FULL of squares and parks. Just gorgeous!


Could have spent HOURS checking out all the beautiful buildings.

Most definitely had to stop and get some pralines. It’s a MUST when you’re in the south. 🙂


Pralines! I couldn’t decide which one to get so I got both. Duh.

These riverboats were pretty much right outside our hotel. They had restaurants on board and did dinner cruises.

Yeah, I get seasick so I just enjoyed looking at them from solid ground. 🙂



Apparently, Savannah is a HUGE shipping port. I had no idea! These container ships went by quite regularly and, as you can tell, they are stacked super high! These things are massive!


container ship

There were many different brands there and brand ambassadors giving away free samples. Pretty sure I’m set for a while. 🙂



Oh, and I totally got to meet Arian Foster.

lemme take a selfie

lemme take a selfie

He was really awesome and I had a nice talk with him about his diet and health choices (he went vegan for a while) and how it affected him and his training. Of course, the whole time I’m totally freaking out in my head because, yeah, I’m just standing there chatting with ARIAN FOSTER!!!!!

Thanks for snapping the photo, Lena!!! :)

Thanks for snapping the photo, Lena!!! 🙂

So, after all that excitement and a 7 hour drive, I was pretty wiped out when I got home yesterday.

I had track work on my calendar for this morning but I decided I needed to sleep in instead.

I mean, FitBloggin’ is no joke – early rise, late to bed, and go, go, go all day long.

I needed the break!

Except, my brain didn’t agree.

So, I did what runners do when their brain won’t turn off – I squeezed in a few miles before work. 🙂


Now comes the fun part – making sense of it all and deciding what I want to do with everything I learned.


Talk to me: Have you ever been to Savannah? Have you ever been to South Carolina? Why is it so blah (at least on I95)??

– jennifer