Heavy lifting, ice and snow, and how is that even allowed?! (TOL #2)

Hi there!

Happy Thursday!

What makes it even happier is it’s my Friday! Whoop, whoop! Gotta love a 4 day weekend!

And nope, I didn’t have to take any time off to make that happen! No sireebob. The Commonwealth of Virginia celebrates both Lee-Jackson Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. #winning


So, I’ve been at my CrossFit box since May and I love it out there.  It’s a bit of a hike and I have to pay tolls to go through some tunnels but I’ve made some friends and have been hitting some PRs (stay tuned for Saturday’s recap!!), so the whole time suck has been worth it to me.

Until 2 coaches that I really, really, REALLY like left. 😦

To open their own CrossFit box. (in case you didn’t know, box = gym in CrossFit lingo)

And, I recently learned that it’s practically right next door to where my sailor works. And HALF the distance I was travelling before.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

I thought about changing boxes, and then I stressed about it, and then I tried to think reasonably about it. I was riddled with guilt for even THINKING about changing.

But, once the rational part of my brain took over, the whole thing just makes sense.  I’ll be able to do morning WODs before work which allows me to have my evenings back for making dinner and, now, doing homework. Which is a priority. And, if I decide to do a double, the new box is just a hop, skip, and a jump from my office so I’ll be able to make an earlier class and get home earlier afterward. Makes so much sense! So, they can count me present when they finally open their doors (like, maybe in 2 weeks!!!). 🙂

Well, yesterday, they got equipment delivered and asked for help unloading the truck, etc. So, that’s what I did.  My first workout at the new box. 😉  And, I’ve committed to helping out this weekend, too. I’m really excited!!


pretty sure coach said it was 5 tons of stuff. yes, TONS.

So, as indicated above, I live in Virginia. But, where I am, it’s pretty moderate, as far as weather is concerned. We’ve gotten snow before so it’s not a shocker when it happens. I mean, it’s not like I live in San Diego and everyone flips out when it rains. Snow, sleet, ice – it’s all happened here before.

Well, the whole place went bat shit crazy on Tuesday because there was a little ice storm. I mean, I get the school closures and all that because a lot of this area is rural and those roads don’t often get pretreated, are narrow and dangerous, etc and kids can’t be standing outside for EVER in the sleet waiting for a bus to come slipping and sliding down the hill. Too dangerous. But, I was watching the news and there were reporters out in the streets like they were Jim Cantore. For less than an inch of ice. And people were sending in pictures of inch-long icicles hanging from their porch lights, etc. Seriously people. It was not the snowpocalypse.


I play Words with Friends. Pretty regularly, as a matter of fact. I’m kind of a scrabble nerd and I just love words. I have games going with 5 people right now. And, I’m getting whupped in a couple of them. Seriously, the luck of the letter draw is not always in my favor.

Anyway, in a previous game, a friend was flabbergasted when the game would not accept ribeye as a word. In fact, I know you can’t see it but, there’s a red squiggly line under the word ribeye in this post. But, unless you’re a vegetarian, you’ve probably eaten a ribeye steak. So, legitimate word, right? No.

But, last night, another friend played this –


Hardly seems fair, doesn’t it?

And yes, I do have all consonants. And 2 of them are Vs. Nice.

Talk to me: Have you ever made snow ice cream? When was the last time?

Thanks, Amanda, at Running With Spoons, for hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursdays!

– jennifer