Hotel room chili & some awesome bodyweight WODs


Happy Monday!

Happy Cat



So totally can’t wait!!!

Thing 2 started school today.

I’m actually a little jealous.

She has somewhere to go and will meet new people and make friends.

Not that I want to go back to high school.

Grumpy cat no

Been there, done that, got the diploma and the jacket to prove it.

But, I do have some things to do to keep me busy.

Like, a kickass body weight WOD.



I got through 4 of the 10 rounds and really started to question my sanity.

Not sure what made me think 100 burpees on a Monday was a good idea.

I totally would have done upside down starfish as my cool down but some random, slightly creepy guy showed up in the fitness center and was trying to figure out what he should do while trying to strike up a conversation.

Um. Again –

Grumpy cat no

So NOT trying to strike up a conversation with random creepy hotel guy.

Anyway, I did a google search last night for “Crossfit travel WODs” and that’s how I found that one.

In fact, I found quite a few excellent sites with all kinds of crazy hard awesome bodyweight WODs.

This is the site that I used: CrossFit Steele Creek

But, I also browsed these and will probably pull from them too:

The Traveling WOD

No Excuses CrossFit

There’s even an app  you can download to your phone!

CrossFit Travel

All really awesome stuff!

Just because you’re away from your box doesn’t mean you can’t get your WOD on. 🙂

No Excuses!!

Okay, now on to the best part!

I made some totally awesome chili last night!

In the hotel room!!


One pot.

A few ingredients (thanks to this wicked cool package).


Under normal circumstances, I would use my own blend of spices, etc. but, we’re in a hotel with limited space and I don’t want to buy a ton of things I’m just going to have once we get our stuff into the new house.

I checked the ingredients list before I committed and it’s all good stuff.  Nothing I didn’t know how to pronounce and all things I would add on my own.  Of course, I didn’t follow the package directions EXACTLY – where’s the adventure in that?!

It all worked out deliciously!

Hotel Room Chili
makes about 4 gigantic servings

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 green pepper, diced
1/4 yellow onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 package six gun chili mixin’s
1 can (14.5 ounce) fire roasted diced tomatoes
1 can (15 ounce) kidney beans, drained and rinsed (optional)
1/2 pound ground sirloin (use a full pound for the full package of chili mixin’s)
1/2 pound hot italian sausage (use a full pound for the full package of chili mixin’s)

1. Prepare pouches of Mixin’s according to package directions. (There are 2 pouches. I used 1/2 of each because I cut the recipe in half.)

2. Saute pepper, onion, and garlic in olive oil in a large pot/dutch oven until onion is translucent. Add ground sirloin and sausage and cook until brown. Drain fat.

3. Add diced tomatoes to meat.

4. Stir in Mixin’s and water mixture and drained beans (if desired) and bring to a boil.

5. Add desired amount of seasoning from red pepper packet and simmer, uncovered, 30 minutes or longer, adding water if necessary.

*The package comes with a Masa Flour pouch that I did not use. Directions are on the package.*

6. Put into bowls, top how you prefer and gobble it down! Don’t be surprised if the neighbors come knocking! 🙂

Question: Do you work out when you’re traveling or on vacation?

– jennifer

A Pop Quiz, the Unknown, and Tuscan Pot Pie

Hi there!


I am filled to the brim with girlish glee this morning! (I will bake cookies and send them to the first person who can tell me what that’s from WITHOUT using Google. Seriously, no cheating.)


I decided to go to the 5am crossfit class this morning instead of hitting the 5pm class per my normal schedule.

    One – it’s HAWT and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in a hot box at 5pm


    Two – I just didn’t feel like dealing with a ton of people today.

It will probably end up being a small class now that I’ve done that but that’s okay. I’d rather give up an hour of sleep than deal with a potential crowd. Besides,



Plus, it’s a great boost for the rest of the day!

Anyway, Joe usually puts the WOD up on their Facebook page super early in the morning. I swear, the man does not sleep. So, I like to look and see what the WOD is. I don’t get intimidated by it – it helps me to get in the right mindset and decide if I should wear knee socks or not. Hey, deadlifts can be torture on my shins if the bar scrapes me up!

So this morning, Joe was vague about the WOD.

    “Come enjoy the fun that Thursday has in store for you!”

Uh oh.


And then I got there and saw what we were doing.


And, I knew it was going to be a GREAT Thursday!

No, I didn’t run the sprints for the warm-up. I rowed those because I know I’m not ready for the explosive start and stop that’s required when sprinting. But, I was sure as H-E-double hockeysticks going to run that mile! WITH THE WEIGHT, EVEN!

I scaled it down to a 10 pound weighted ball instead of the 15 pound plate and I planned on taking it slow and easy



So exhilarating! I didn’t feel any pain – it was more an awareness of my hip but no real discomfort. I stayed slow and steady and it was awesome! Came back in and finished up my last 25 wall ball shots (unbroken, thankyouverymuch!) and knocked out the WOD in 13:43.


Comfort Food – Day 4!

And, it’s not southwestern!

Not that there’s anything wrong with southwestern food.

It was just time for a change.

So, over to the Mediterranean we go!

Italian sausage, cannellini beans, tomato/pasta sauce, and crescent rolls for a delicious meal in less than 30 minutes? WIN!


Tuscan Pot Pie
serves 4-6

3/4 pound sweet or hot italian sausage
1 jar (26 to 28 ounces) prepared chunky vegetable or mushroom spaghetti sauce (or, just use your favorite)
1 can (19 ounces) cannellini beans, rinsed and drained (I’ve never seen a 19 ounce can of beans so I used 15 ounce)
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
1 1/2 cups (6 ounces) shredded mozzarella cheese
1 package (8 ounces) refrigerated crescent dinner rolls

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Remove sausage from casings. Brown sausage in medium ovenproof skillet, stirring to separate meat. Drain drippings.

2. Add spaghetti sace, beans and thyme to skillet. Simmer, uncovered, over medium heat 5 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in cheese.

3. Unroll crescent dough; divide into triangles. Arrange spiral-fashion with points of dough towards center, covering sausage mixture completely or as much as you can. Bake 12 minutes or until crust is golden brown and meat mixture is bubbly.


4. Om nom nom!

– jennifer

A hint of things to come and Chicken Gumbo over Rice

Happy Friday!

I’m still resting my leg and am feeling much better. I would certainly prefer to be working out but I guess taking it easy during the first week of marathon training is better than missing multiple weeks of training. I’ve got 13 miles on my running schedule tomorrow and I would LOVE to get out and run but, I’ll be sleeping in. Sleeping in on a Saturday? That NEVER happens! Of course, in my world, sleeping in means up by 6:30 or 7:00. Probably doesn’t count so much as sleeping in, does it? 🙂


Besides Saturday, do you know ELSE what tomorrow is? Hold on to your hats, people, because tomorrow is … drumroll, please … I Love Reese’s Day! Best. Day. Ever. Seriously. Peanut butter and chocolate is one of the best food combinations EVAH! It’s the little things in life that make me happy. 🙂 Hint? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog. You do NOT want to miss it. Unless you don’t like peanut butter and chocolate. Then, you might want to go to the doctor’s office because there is something wrong. Perhaps you’re sick. I hope you’re not contagious.


You all know how much I love my crockpot. Did you know that I have four of them? Four! Okay, 2 are in the “donation” box in the garage that will hopefully make it to the thrift store before my hair turns gray but still … I could use them if I needed to! You never know when a football team is going to drop by and you might be in charge of making dinner. Oh wait, maybe I should reconsider donating them? Nah…. Anyway, I use my crockpot so much that sometimes I wonder why I even put it away. I really should make a permanent home on the counter for it. Maybe I could use the spot where the Keurig is? Bahhahahahahaha! Um, no.


Anywho, I found this awesome recipe for gumbo – you even make the roux! – in one of my Crockpot cookbooks and decided to give it a try. It does require a few extra minutes of prep in the morning so be sure to plan for that. I imagine you could do the prep work the night before and then refrigerate until the morning when you put the crock in the base and fired it up. If you opt for that, make sure you factor in the “heating up” time to your cooking time. You may need closer to 9 hours. I would add the okra the morning of just to prevent it from getting mushy overnight. I used frozen okra – just dumped it in from frozen – and it didn’t get mushy or anything, which is something I was afraid of. I’m not sure how fresh would work out but regardless, if you prep the night before, I recommend holding off on the okra until you’re ready to press go.

This turned out really well! So delicious and perfectly cooked and, like I said, the okra was not soggy or mushy at all! Don’t be afraid of the jalapeno; this was not spicy in the least. If you do want a kick, either increase the number of jalapenos and include the seeds or pass the hot sauce at the table. I’m so glad that it makes 6 servings because that means leftovers for lunch. WIN!

This Middle Sister wine happens to go really well with the gumbo. I know because I’m a smarty pants. 🙂


Chicken Gumbo over Rice
Makes 6 servings


4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
1/2 pound Italian sausages, cut into 1/4-inch slices
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2-inch slices
1 cup chopped onions
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup diced green bell peppers
2 tablespoons minced jalapeno or serrano peppers
1 teaspoon paprika
1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen okra, cut into 1/4-inch slices
1 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup white wine
2 cups cooked white or brown rice

1. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in skillet over medium heat until hot. Brown and crumble sausage until no pink remains, about 10 minutes. Transfer to paper towel-lined plate with slotted spoon to drain excess fat.

2. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons oil in skillet. Add flour and continuously stir with a whisk. (NOTE: DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE PAN OR THE FLOUR WILL BURN AND STINK AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START ALL OVER.) Cook until flour becomes dark brown but not burnt. Add chicken, onions, celery, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and paprika. Cook and stir 7 to 8 minutes, or until vegetables soften. Transfer to a 4-quart slow cooker.

3. Add drained sausage, okra, broth, and wine. Cover; cook on LOW 7 to 8 hours or on HIGH 4 to 6 hours. Serve over cooked rice.